A career management team dedicated to the Executive, Professional, and Online MBA programs works with Online MBAs to support their career growth throughout the program and beyond. Whether you are looking to accelerate your career, switch career paths, or just want to explore your options, we can help you achieve your goals.

How Career Management Supports Online MBA Students

The career management team provides career education and coaching to help Online MBA students:

  • Choose career targets.
  • Develop strategic career plans.
  • Utilize their networks, including the one they’ll build while in the OMBA program.
  • Create resumes, LinkedIn profiles, and interview answers that tell the story of the impact they can make.
  • Develop the skills to negotiate offers, lead conversations with their current employer about putting new skills to use, and proactively handle workplace issues.

The OMBA career management team provides direct access to tools that enhance your hiring value and that you’ll own throughout your career. These include:

  • CliftonStrengths training that will help you develop your talents, articulate your value, and build high-functioning teams at work and throughout your online MBA studies.
  • Self-paced online courses developed and delivered by the career management team on topics such as identifying goals, developing a career plan, resume building, networking, interviews, negotiating, etc.
  • Links to curated online courses for best practices in leveraging LinkedIn, developing skills in case interviewing, as well as the level of Excel and Powerpoint skills useful for consultants.
  • AI-based tools for honing your résumé, LinkedIn profile and cover letters.

Connecting You With a Network of Professionals

Your Online MBA experience at UGA will be a personal one. You will have the opportunity to connect with professionals, mentors, and instructors to deepen and personalize your online learning experience. Through our well-respected Terry College connections and network of successful alumni, you will gain:

  • Access to the same knowledgeable faculty as our top-ranked in-person MBA programs.
  • Individual coaching to work on establishing and navigating a job switch or internal career acceleration plan; résumé and story crafting; leveraging LinkedIn; interviewing and negotiating; and networking.

Expand your professional network at UGA by connecting with our Expansive Alumni Network.

Careers With an Online MBA – FAQs

Your career is important. We want our students to excel in the classroom and in their work. Whether you’re looking to enter a new role or want to advance in your current position, you may wonder what impact an online MBA degree can have on your career.

Is an online MBA degree worth it?

At UGA, your diploma is the same as the diplomas awarded to our in-person MBA graduates, meaning the value of your degree doesn’t change based on how you earned it.

The Graduate Management Admissions Council, in a Prospective Student Survey conducted in 2022, reports that 4 in 5 MBA candidates agree that a graduate business degree helps you stand out at work. Additionally, 87% of MBA graduates agree that their degree increased their employability.

How can an MBA help my career?

An online MBA can prepare you for a leadership position, enable you to seek employment opportunities in new industries, or help you build and manage a business of your own. Investing in a graduate business education is an investment in the skills, knowledge, and network you will need to find long-term success in your career.

What is the online MBA career outlook?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), management occupations are expected to grow at a rate of 8% over the next 10 years, with over 800,000 new jobs anticipated as a result of this period of growth. Management jobs resulting from growth and replacement needs are expected to amount to over 1 million openings on average each year.

Do employers care if my MBA is online?

Employers accept and respect online MBA degrees, understanding that all business school graduates are valuable and worthwhile additions to the industry. While online MBAs are no less valuable than their in-person counterparts, a University of Georgia MBA is widely respected and has a legacy of excellence recognized by employers in the industry.

The Graduate Management Admission Council offers further evidence that MBA degrees are highly valuable. Last year, GMAC’s annual survey of hiring projections found that the majority of employers agreed that business school graduates tend to have a fast track to upper-level positions in their organizations and that leaders in their organizations tend to hold an MBA degree.

Employers understand that your investment in your education adds real value to your role in their company, and many employers even offer full or partial tuition assistance to employees who enroll in an MBA program. By enrolling in our Online MBA program, you will have the flexibility to continue working and contributing to company goals, all while advancing your knowledge in graduate school.

Where can I work with an online MBA?

Online MBA graduates can find employment in a wide range of industries such as consulting, technology, healthcare, government, and non-profit. In addition, online MBA holders can find careers across the nation and overseas, with global agencies seeking qualified MBA candidates to fill industry needs. Positions for graduates include:

  • Account Executive Officer
  • Accounting Manager
  • Brand Strategy & Commercial Performance Director
  • Content Manager
  • Consultant
  • Director of Marketing
  • Director of Operations
  • Financial Advisor
  • HR Manager
  • Sales Account Manager
  • Senior Talent Acquisition Partner
  • Vice President of Sales or Strategy

How much can I make with an online MBA degree?

Our working Professional MBAs (Class of 2021) reported the following compensation four months post-graduation:

Job Focus

% of Class











General Management



Human Resources















Class Overall



* Estimated Annual Compensation = Base Salary + est. Commissions + est. Bonus + est. Profit Sharing (cash and equity components, regardless of vesting). Excludes signing bonus, retirement, health care, ESPP, other benefits, car, housing, tuition

Take Your Career to the Next Level With an Online MBA Degree From UGA

The Online Master of Business Administration program at the University of Georgia will equip you with the skills you need to meet the demands of employers and reach long-term career success. Through our career management offerings, you’ll gain the skills to compete in the job market, perform in interviews, and excel in your role.

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