Expense Georgia Residents Non-Residents
  1-11 credit hours 12 or more credit hours 1-11 credit hours 12 or more credit hours
Tuition (Based on 2013–2014 rate per semester) $496/hr $5,944 $1,093/hr $13,109
Student Fees $1,123 $1,123 $1,123 $1,123

Financial Aid

From UGA Graduate School

The UGA Graduate School offers these financial aid options

  • Graduate Assistantships
    Recipients must be enrolled as full-time students and will be employed approximately 13 hours per week to assist with duties as defined by the Tull School. Graduate assistantships provide a stipend of approximately $6,000 (for 2012–13) and reduced tuition.

    All admitted MAcc students are automatically considered for graduate assistantships. No additional application is needed, but to be considered your application must be complete by the assistantship deadline. Previous recipients' averages were a 3.88 overall GPA, 690 GMAT, and 3.96 Accounting GPA. Decisions are typically made in late February/early March.

    If you are not selected for a Graduate Assistantship position your application will be considered for an Out-of-State Tuition Waiver (details below). You should adhere to assistantship deadlines if you wish to be considered for an out-of-state waiver.
  • Out-of-State Tuition Waivers
    Non-resident admitted students can seek to have a portion of their tuition waived for one academic year. These awards are based upon academic records and recommendation of the department. Candidates must have a 3.30 undergraduate GPA or a 3.50 graduate GPA and 550 GMAT and plan to be enrolled for a minimum of 12 hours each semester to be eligible for nomination. Decisions are typically made in late March/early April.

Other financial aid options offered by UGA