Sean Walsh runs on a dirt road during the 2017 Big Five Marathon in South Africa.

Around the world in seven marathons

Sean Walsh’s view of the world changed his view of the world. After he graduated from Terry, Walsh had a run in the bruising environs of Wall Street where his 80-, 90-, 100-hour work weeks were fueled by caffeine from six Diet Cokes a day. His job in mergers and acquisitions held a tyranny over him until he went on a different kind of run, this one around the world.

Photo of the Georgia Economic Outlook logo in 2018.

Set the stage

The Georgia crowds come every year, like they have for more than three decades, to hear the traveling show. Sometimes the sounds coming from the stage aren’t always upbeat (remember 2009?), and the people onstage can change from year to year, but the event’s importance and message is never diminished.

Headshots of Benjamin Whipple

Twice in a lifetime

Numbers govern our lives. Bank account balances, blood pressure, SAT scores — they help define who we are and where we’re going. Some numbers affecting our daily lives are beyond our control — age, height and U.S. GDP — while others, such as the calories we consume, are up to us. 

Joshua Anderson poses for a photo on the University of Georgia campus.

Turning military skills into a business degree

As part of ground operations for the Air Force, he was in charge of making sure bombs hit exactly what they were intended to, rather than dropping on nearby civilians.

Two students walk to class in the Business Learning Community.

Synovus establishes five scholarships for UGA business students

Synovus has established five need-based scholarships for incoming University of Georgia students intending to major in business. Part of the Georgia Commitment Scholarship Program, the scholarships will be awarded to students across Georgia beginning in fall 2019.

Headshot of Athens entrepreneur Davis Knox.

Davis Knox: Making Athens

Davis Knox likes beginnings. It’s actually kind of his forte. As a UGA student, Knox (BBA ’96) aspired to start or help start as many businesses as possible over his lifetime. Little did he realize that one of his startups would be a nonprofit dedicated to supporting others with that same entrepreneurial spirit—but more on that later.

Chip Chambers

Amazing Student: Chip Chambers

Chip Chambers has done plenty to distinguish his undergraduate career: he’s been awarded scholarships and honors, studied abroad, had his research published, volunteered in the community and more. But most people just know him as “that crazy dancing guy.”

Donald Chambers

Learning the business

The fourth floor of Creswell Hall looks pretty much like your typical residence hall, but the students living here are far from typical. They are all entrepreneurs: risk-takers who want to turn their ideas into businesses. Many of them already have. Jared Zengo of Oconee Country started a business making art installations out of Rubik’s […]

Headshot of Ivey Tanner

Amazing Student: Ivey Tanner

Ivey Tanner loves showing off UGA to visitors, has immersed herself in campus activities and has been awarded top scholarships. A self-described people person, she hopes to eventually use her leadership skills to help others succeed.