Five Terry professors presented 2020 Outstanding Faculty Awards

Top row (l-r): John Campbell

For their contributions to the Terry College’s teaching, research and public service missions, five professors received Outstanding Faculty Awards at the end of the fall semester.

John Hulland, who holds the Tanner Chair in Sales Management in the Department of Marketing, received the 2020 Distinguished Research Award. The award is given to tenure-track faculty members for research that displays a history of excellence, longevity and impact within its field.

His research is anchored in the marketing strategy arena, with current research interests focusing on investigating how social interactions – particularly in online communities – influence attitudes and behaviors. He has published 50 academic papers, 21 in premier journals, and is active in major research conferences. In 2018 he was appointed editor-in-chief of the highly respected Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science and was recently invited to continue as editor for another three-year term. Since 2015 he has been the Marketing Department’s Ph.D. coordinator, where he has made many improvements to the doctoral program, including developing student handbooks and implementing a standardized process for annual feedback.

Jessica Rodell, the Willson Distinguished Chair of Business in the Department of Management, received the 2020 Research Excellence Award. The award is given to tenure-track faculty for superior research conducted or published in the last five years.

Her research falls into three streams — meaningful workplace experiences (corporate volunteering), quality relationships between employees and supervisors (workplace justice and trust), and making the best of difficult situations at work (stress and misfit). Her publication record includes 18 publications on Terry’s top journals list, with 12 articles published or accepted in the past five years. Rodell recently finished a three-year term serving as an associate editor for the Academy of Management Journal, and she actively worked with Ph.D. students to further their research, as 11 of the 12 articles she published or had accepted from 2015 to 2020 included Terry Ph.D. students as co-authors.

John Campbell, an EY Faculty Fellow and professor in the J.M. Tull School of Accounting, is the recipient of the 2020 Teaching Excellence Award. The award is given to tenure-track faculty for demonstrating excellence in the classroom.

Campbell is one of only two faculty members in the Tull School to be recognized for outstanding teaching in four consecutive years. He teaches two of Tull’s highly technical Intermediate Financial Accounting courses, as well as two Ph.D. courses. His Intermediate Financial Accounting course is one of the linchpins to students’ success on the CPA exam. Likewise, the Ph.D. courses are critical for successful placement of graduating Ph.D. candidates in the academic job market. Campbell maintains superb student evaluations despite his courses’ requirements to develop deep accounting knowledge. He’s also been a valuable mentor to doctoral students, from recruitment to mentoring them through the first two years of the program.

Kristy McManus received the 2020 Instructional Excellence Award as a senior lecturer in the Department of Marketing.

She serves as the department’s undergraduate program coordinator and has developed a reputation as an outstanding teacher who routinely goes above and beyond what is expected. Her eight-course teaching load involves three different course preps: the 300-student sections of the introductory Principles of Marketing class, Honors sections of the principles course, and an Honors section of the required upper-level course for marketing majors. She also developed a new course for the master’s program in marketing research. She teaches more than 1,300 students a year, and her course evaluations are consistently excellent.

Jennifer Chapman received the 2020 Outstanding Faculty Service Award. She is a senior lecturer in the J.M. Tull School of Accounting, as well as director of both the Master of Accountancy program and Terry’s international business programs.

The MAcc program is the largest master’s program on campus. As its director, Chapman oversees the program’s staff, manages the program’s admissions process and curriculum, and serves as faculty advisor for the MAcc Student Association. In addition, she manages the international business programs staff and is responsible for Terry’s study abroad programs, international exchanges and internships, and the international business co-major. Outside her director roles, Chapman teaches graduate tax classes, while also serving on a number of school, college, and university committees and as the Tull School’s accreditation and assessment coordinator.