A illustrated man struggles to carry a refrigerator sized credit card.

A 10-year credit crunch

Fifteen years ago, the world’s economy turned upside down after the collapse of the mortgage market. But while the crisis and Great Recession that followed only lasted two years, the impact on the personal economies of millions of American families lasted for a decade or more. “What we found is that banks transmit their funding […]

A hurricane seen from space approaching the East Coast of the United States

Back-to-back disasters challenge insurance industry and consumers

With Caribbean waters much warmer than normal for this time of year, NOAA upgraded its forecast to warn the end of the 2023 hurricane season could be busier than usual.
That’s bad news for coastal residents and insurers reeling from back-to-back years of record losses.

When less is more

Although brands often use intricately designed packaging to connect with consumers, new research from the University of Georgia Terry College of Business found people are willing to spend more for products in simple, even plain-seeming, packages.