Terry professor honored for research in business-to-business marketing

ISBM Distinguished Research Fellowship awarded to Sundar Bharadwaj
Sundar Bharadwaj

The Institute for the Study of Business Markets has recognized Terry College of Business marketing professor Sundar Bharadwaj as an ISBM Distinguished Research Fellow, one of the high honors in B2B marketing research.

Bharadwaj will be inducted August 12 as part of the ISBM Biennial Conference, which will be held virtually.

Bharadwaj, who serves as the Coca-Cola Company Chair of Marketing, has spent his career examining the financial impact of marketing strategies and capabilities of consumer and business-to-business firms in U.S. and international markets.

ISBM Distinguished Research Fellows are selected by their fellow researchers in recognition of the impact of their work and their dedication to the advancement of business-to-business marketing practice and theory.

“As thought leaders in specific business marketing topics, all ISBM Distinguished Research Fellows — scholars at leading universities — have strong track records consulting with businesses around the globe, in addition to their extensive teaching and publishing activities,” said ISBM Director Stefan Wuyts, a marketing professor at Pennsylvania State University. “They know and respect real-world business management and leading-edge solutions, and they are dedicated to applying their knowledge to actual marketing problems and opportunities.”

Bharadwaj has written prolifically on the challenges and promise of marketing in developing economies and the ways that financial tools and customer relationships impact business-to-business sales and marketing. In recent years, he has become a thought leader on corporate social responsibility and brand reputation.

His co-authored essays on prosocial branding and a novel framework to guide marketing transformations across industries has been featured in Harvard Business Review.

As part of the induction, he will address a special session at the ISBM Academic Conference and PhD Camp.