Terry students pose in front of aisles of aging Parmesan cheese at a factory outside of Milan Italy

Accounting’s history and future converge in Italy

Corporate reporting standards for environmental, social and governance issues are evolving in the United States. But in the European Union, ESG reporting is already a way of life for most big companies.

Port of Savannah

Leading the way in logistics

In the whirlwind of the supply chain, there is no standing still. To keep from being swept up, there must be constant movement by logistics caretakers: the operations bosses, the technology builders, the data miners, the finance experts and, of course, the higher-education scholars who prime the pump with talent.

Global Georgia students

Global Georgia offers a crash course in international business

Now in its third year, Global Georgia arose as a convenient study away alternative with the goal of exposing more undergraduate students to international business fundamentals. Participants earn experiential learning and international immersion credits along with credit hours toward their degrees.

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Are ESG funds a force for good or a front for greenwashing?

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) investment funds, which reached $400 billion in assets under management in 2021, are meant to make investing in “good” companies easier. But do they deliver on the promise of promoting a greener, more just stock market?