Terry College of Business and Business Learning Community

Business Learning Community

Terry College of Business - University of Georgia

Buildings + Spaces

Constructed in three phases from 2014-2019, the Business Learning Community’s six buildings house classrooms, offices, auditoriums, technology labs, student commons, a café and more.

Need assistance navigating the Business Learning Community? Our wayfinding tool can help.

Building Overviews

Correll Hall contains 10 classrooms, an innovation lab, a graduate commons, team rooms and interview suites. The 74,000-square-foot building is home to the Full-Time MBA program, as well as the Dean’s Office. Correll’s south wall faces Foley Courtyard, an enclosed outdoor space.

Totaling 140,000 square feet, Amos Hall, Benson Hall and Moore-Rooker Hall house the 5,000-square-foot Casey Commons, plus two auditoriums, eight classrooms, the Benn Capital Markets Lab, a music business lab, team rooms and a café. The upper floors contain faculty and staff offices, project team rooms and seminar rooms.

Facing Baxter Street, Ivester Hall and Sanford and Barbara Orkin Hall are intersected by Coca-Cola Plaza, a large, open outdoor area. The buildings feature three auditoriums, as well as undergraduate classrooms, staff offices, technology labs and interview suites.

Where to Eat

The Rothenberger Café in Amos Hall features an Au Bon Pain bakery and restaurant. Hours and contact information are found here.

Vending is available on the ground floor of Benson Hall on the building’s south end and the ground floor of Correll Hall on the building’s north end.

Where to Park

For parking information, see the Visit Us page.

Beyond the BLC

Terry’s footprint extends beyond the Business Learning Community. Studio 225, on West Broad Street in downtown Athens, is home to the UGA Entrepreneurship Program. The center is part of UGA’s Innovation District.

Terry also has a presence in Atlanta, Griffin and Gwinnett. Visit our Campuses page for more information.


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