Georgia's Premier Economic Forecasting Series

Terry's premier outreach series provides business and government workers the foundation to make informed decisions based on accurate, reliable economic data from the Selig Center for Economic Growth. More than 3,000 leaders rely on the annual forecast presentation in 10 cities. Learn what to expect from next year's economy.

The Selig Center conducts research on economic, demographic and social issues related to Georgia's growth—guiding the state's businesses, governments and entrepreneurs on financial decisions and public policy. Specializing in economic forecasts and economic impact studies, the center is nationally recognized for its market research on minority buying power.


  • Aflac
  • AT&T
  • The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
  • Bank of North Georgia
  • The Classic Center
  • DPR/Hardin
  • Gas South
  • Georgia CEO
  • Georgia Power
  • Georgia Trend
  • Go Build
  • Jackson EMC
  • RW Allen
  • Synovus
  • Thirteenth Colony Distilleries

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Georgia Economic Outlook 2015 Report

The full-text of the Georgia Economic Outlook is available for download.