Learn more about Meigs Distinguished Teaching Professor, David Mustard

David Mustard, an associate professor in Terry’s department of economics, was awarded UGA’s highest instructional honor, the Josiah Meigs Distinguished Teaching Professorship, earlier this year.

Mustard joined the UGA faculty in 1997 and teaches a variety of microeconomics courses, from introductory classes to graduate seminars. His student evaluations reveal several themes, including challenging students to think critically, generosity with his time and genuine care and concern for students. He “taught me how to think in a structured and logical manner,” one student wrote, “a skill that ultimately landed me my first job.” Another described him as the “kindest, most personable professor I’ve had at UGA.”

Meigs Professors are nominated by their schools or colleges and chosen by a committee that includes 12 faculty members, two undergraduate students and one graduate student. The nominations are supported by letters from current and former students, as well as faculty colleagues on and off campus.