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All Personnel

Name Title Position Email Phone Number Location
Benjamin C. Ayers Dean and Earl Davis Chair in Taxation Faculty, Research 706-542-8100 417A Correll Hall
Stephen P. Baginski Herbert E. Miller Chair in Financial Accounting Faculty, Research, Professional MBA Faculty
Linda Smith Bamber Professor Emeritus Faculty
E. Michael Bamber Professor Emeritus Faculty
Sarah L. Banghart Lecturer Faculty 706-713-2772 A332 Moore-Rooker Hall
Dennis (Denny) R. Beresford Executive-in-Residence Research 706-542-3502 B304 Moore-Rooker Hall
Swati Bhandarkar Senior Lecturer, Beta Alpha Psi Advisor Faculty 706-542-4672 B302 Amos Hall
John L. Campbell Professor and J.M. Tull Chair in Accounting, Ph.D. Program Director Faculty, Research 706-542-3595 A329 Moore-Rooker Hall
Tina D. Carpenter Associate Professor, EY Faculty Fellow Faculty, Research 706-542-3619 A324 Moore-Rooker Hall
Jennifer L. Chapman Senior Lecturer, International Programs Director Faculty 706-542-3632 A302 Moore-Rooker Hall
Margaret Christ Professor, PwC Faculty Fellow Faculty, Research, MBA teaching faculty 706-542-3602 A327 Moore-Rooker Hall
Theodore (Ted) E. Christensen Director, C. Herman and Mary Virginia Terry Distinguished Chair of Business Faculty, Research 706-542-1616 A307A Moore-Rooker Hall
Braiden Coleman Assistant Professor Faculty 706-542-3608 A334 Moore-Rooker Hall
Karen Czarick Part-Time Instructor Faculty 706-542-1616 A304 Moore-Rooker Hall
Paul Demere Assistant Professor Faculty, Research 706-542-3626 A323 Moore-Rooker Hall
Marsha S. Dickerson Administrative Associate II Staff 706-542-3609 A307B Moore-Rooker Hall
Erik Elfrink Doctoral Student PhD 706-542-2022 B315 Amos Hall
Amanda G. Farmer Senior Lecturer Faculty 706-542-8613 B300 Amos Hall
Marianne G. Fortuna Lecturer
Karson Fronk Doctoral Student PhD B315 Amos Hall
Jennifer J. Gaver James Don Edwards Chair in Corporate Accounting Policy Faculty, Research 706-542-3699 A326 Moore-Rooker Hall
Matthew Gustafson College Advisor Staff 706-542-3597 D315 Sanford and Barbara Orkin Hall
Jacqueline S. Hammersley Harold M. Heckman Chair of Public Accounting Faculty, Research 706-542-3500 A328 Moore-Rooker Hall
Amy Harris Administrative Associate I Staff 706-542-5532 A300 Moore-Rooker Hall
Holly R. Hawk Lecturer Faculty B303 Amos Hall
Frank L Heflin Professor, Deloitte Endowed Faculty Fellow Faculty, Research, Professional MBA Faculty 706-542-3501 A318 Moore-Rooker Hall
Allison Hickey Doctoral Student PhD B352 Amos Hall
Matthew R. Holt Doctoral Student PhD B321 Amos Hall
Yelin Hu Doctoral Student PhD 706-542-2022 B315 Amos Hall
Miranda Hugie Doctoral Student PhD 706-542-2022 315 Amos Hall
Ryan Johnson Doctoral Student PhD B315 Amos Hall
Timothy A. (Tim) Keadle Executive in Residence Faculty 706-542-5954 B304 Amos Hall
Jason W. Matthews Senior Lecturer, Director of Undergraduate Programs Faculty, MBA teaching faculty, Fulltime MBA Faculty, Executive MBA Faculty 706-542-3628 A305 Moore-Rooker Hall
Gordon May Associate Professor Emeritus Faculty
Jennifer McCallen Assistant Professor Faculty, Research 706-542-3596 A325 Moore-Rooker Hall
Julie McGinty Senior Lecturer Faculty 706-542-6335 B301 Amos Hall
Jacob Moore Academic Advisor II Staff 706-542-3629 A303 Moore-Rooker Hall
Santhosh Ramalingegowda Professor, Deloitte Faculty Fellow Faculty, Research 706-542-3612 A330 Moore-Rooker Hall
Faith Rasmussen Admissions, Diversity, and Engagement Director Staff 706-542-3610 A305 Moore-Rooker Hall
Robert Resutek Associate Professor, Frazier & Deeter Faculty Fellow Faculty, Research, MBA teaching faculty, Fulltime MBA Faculty, Professional MBA Faculty 706-542-3617 A320 Moore-Rooker Hall
Jennifer J. Rivers Lecturer, Beta Alpha Psi Advisor Faculty 706-542-3625 A333 Moore-Rooker Hall
Truman Rowley Doctoral Student PhD B352 Amos Hall
Holley W. Schramski Lecturer Faculty 706-542-1078
Rachel Scott Doctoral Student PhD B321 Amos Hall
Randolph (Skip) Shockley Associate Professor Emeritus Faculty
Nikki Skinner Assistant Professor Faculty, Research 706-713-2773 A317 Moore-Rooker Hall
Paula M. Smith Administrative Associate I Staff 706-542-1616 A307 Moore-Rooker Hall
Jane (Zhiyan) Song Assistant Professor Faculty, Research 706-542-3601 A321 Moore-Rooker Hall
Paul Streer Professor Emeritus Faculty
Jacqueline Tan Doctoral Student PhD 706-542-3526 B317 Amos Hall