Name Title Type Phone Email Office
Joshua Frederick Part-Time Lecturer Faculty 706-542-4290 610 S. Lumpkin St. B415 Moore-Rooker Hall
Jennifer Atkinson Lecturer Faculty 706-542-2169 610 S. Lumpkin St. A416 Moore-Rooker Hall
James M. Carson Daniel P. Amos Distinguished Professor in Insurance Faculty 706-542-3803 610 S. Lumpkin St. A424 Moore-Rooker Hall
Jack Osborn Morse Jr. Lecturer Faculty 706-542-4290 620 S. Lumpkin St. B220G Amos Hall
David G. McCarthy Assistant Professor Faculty 706-542-8352 610 S. Lumpkin St. A415 Moore-Rooker Hall
David Eckles Professor Faculty 706-542-3578 610 S. Lumpkin St. A428 Moore-Rooker Hall
Daniel Yanosky Lecturer Faculty 706-542-1721 620 S. Lumpkin St. B405 Amos Hall
Daniel Brown Lecturer Faculty (706) 542-8184 610 S. Lumpkin St. B402 Amos Hall
Dan Yang Doctoral Student PhD Student 706-542-0465 610 S. Lumpkin St. B415 Moore-Rooker Hall
Steven Pottier Professor Faculty 706-542-3786 610 S. Lumpkin St. A420 Moore-Rooker Hall
Rob Hoyt Department Head and Dudley L. Moore Jr. Chair of Insurance Faculty 706-542-4290 610 S. Lumpkin St. A405 Moore-Rooker Hall
Paul J. Holmes Senior Lecturer Faculty 706-542-4663 620 S. Lumpkin St. B220E Amos Hall
Monica Heidesch Doctoral Student PhD Student 610 S. Lumpkin St. B417 Moore-Rooker Hall
Marc A. Ragin Assistant Professor Faculty 706-713-2775 610 S. Lumpkin St. A417 Moore-Rooker Hall
Linda Dalton Administrative Assistant II Staff 706-542-4290 610 S. Lumpkin St. A403 Moore-Rooker Hall
Katherine (Kathy) Cohen Academic Advisor II Staff 706-542-2308 610 S. Lumpkin St. B405 Amos Hall
Po Lin Wang Doctoral Student PhD Student 620 S. Lumpkin St. B417 Amos Hall
Johannes Coetzee Marais Doctoral Student PhD Student