Name Title Type Phone Email Office
Mike Schuster Assistant Professor Faculty 706-542-4290 Moore-Rooker Hall Room A402
Tim Samples Associate Professor Faculty 706-542-7349 610 S. Lumpkin St. A425 Moore-Rooker Hall
Jason Epstein Lecturer Faculty (706) 542-7262 620 S. Lumpkin St. B400 Amos Hall
Lindsay Sain Jones Assistant Professor Faculty (706) 542-3235 415 S. Hull St. A419 Moore-Rooker Hall
Alex Reed Associate Professor & Director of the Legal Studies Certificate Program Faculty 706-542-9772 610 S. Lumpkin St. A422 Moore-Rooker Hall
Deede Walker Academic Advisor I Staff 706-542-2795 B401 Amos Hall
Greg Day Assistant Professor Faculty 610 S. Lumpkin St. A402 Moore-Rooker Hall
Jere Morehead University of Georgia President and Josiah Meigs Distinguished Teaching Professor Faculty 706-542-1214
Usha Rodrigues Courtesy Appointment Faculty (706) 542-5562
Christopher Bruner Courtesy Appointment Faculty (706) 542-4323
Tricia Jonas Hackleman Lecturer Faculty 706-542-9677 610 S. Lumpkin St. A414 Moore-Rooker Hall
Leslie Jones Part Time Lecturer Faculty 620 S. Lumpkin St. B404 Amos Hall
Marisa Anne Pagnattaro UGA Vice Provost for Academic Affairs and Josiah Meigs Distinguished Teaching Professor Faculty 706-542-0415 220 South Jackson Street 209 Administration Building
Dawn D. Bennett-Alexander Associate Professor of Employment Law & Legal Studies Faculty 706-542-3438 610 S. Lumpkin St. A413 Moore-Rooker Hall
Matthew (Matt) Roessing Lecturer Faculty 620 S. Lumpkin St. B403 Amos Hall
Peter J. Shedd University Professor Emeritus of Legal Studies Faculty 706-543-0360 187 Milledge Terrace
Wendy Wyatt Administrative Associate II Staff 706-542-3788 610 S. Lumpkin St. A411 Moore-Rooker Hall
Camilla Watson Courtesy Appointment Faculty (706) 542-5208