Legal Studies Program

Name Title Type Phone Email Office
Mike Schuster Assistant Professor Faculty 706-542-4290 Moore-Rooker Hall Room A402
Greg Day Assistant Professor Faculty 610 S. Lumpkin St. A402 Moore-Rooker Hall
Deede Walker Academic Advisor I Staff 706-542-2795 B401 Amos Hall
Leslie Jones Part Time Lecturer Faculty 620 S. Lumpkin St. B404 Amos Hall
Dawn D. Bennett-Alexander Associate Professor of Employment Law & Legal Studies Faculty 706-542-3438 610 S. Lumpkin St. A413 Moore-Rooker Hall
Marisa Anne Pagnattaro UGA Vice Provost for Academic Affairs and Josiah Meigs Distinguished Teaching Professor Faculty 706-542-0415 220 South Jackson Street 209 Administration Building
Lindsay Sain Jones Assistant Professor Faculty (706) 542-3235 415 S. Hull St. A419 Moore-Rooker Hall
Jere Morehead University of Georgia President and Josiah Meigs Distinguished Teaching Professor Faculty 706-542-1214
Tricia Jonas Hackleman Lecturer Faculty 706-542-9677 610 S. Lumpkin St. A414 Moore-Rooker Hall
Wendy Wyatt Administrative Associate II Staff 706-542-3788 610 S. Lumpkin St. A411 Moore-Rooker Hall
Tim Samples Associate Professor Faculty 706-542-7349 610 S. Lumpkin St. A425 Moore-Rooker Hall
Jason Epstein Lecturer Faculty (706) 542-7262 620 S. Lumpkin St. B400 Amos Hall
Alex Reed Associate Professor & Director of the Legal Studies Certificate Program Faculty 706-542-9772 610 S. Lumpkin St. A422 Moore-Rooker Hall
Usha Rodrigues Courtesy Appointment Faculty (706) 542-5562
Christopher Bruner Courtesy Appointment Faculty (706) 542-4323
Matthew (Matt) Roessing Lecturer Faculty 620 S. Lumpkin St. B403 Amos Hall
Peter J. Shedd University Professor Emeritus of Legal Studies Faculty 706-543-0360 187 Milledge Terrace
Camilla Watson Courtesy Appointment Faculty (706) 542-5208