Development and Alumni Relations

Name Title Type Phone Email Office
Catherine Henry Assistant Director of Donor Relations Staff (706) 542-9829 600 S. Lumpkin St. 420N Correll Hall
Kathy Ortstadt Senior Director of Development and Alumni Relations Staff 706-247-2627 600 S. Lumpkin St. 420L Correll Hall
Peyton Sketch Assistant Director of Annual Giving Staff 706-296-3099 600 S. Lumpkin St. 420F Correll Hall
Heather Howarth Development Officer Staff 706-542-6886 600 S. Lumpkin St. 420Q Correll Hall
Lynsee Hamby Miller Director of Development Communications and Donor Relations Staff 706-583-0526 600 S. Lumpkin St. 420M Correll Hall
Melaney C. Smith Director of Prospect Management & Analytics Staff 706-542-9812 600 S. Lumpkin St. 420P Correll Hall
Mariharden McElheny Development Coordinator Staff 706-542-4071 600 S. Lumpkin St. 420S Correll Hall
Rachel Peoples Assistant Director of Alumni Relations Staff 706-542-4127 420H Correll Hall
Andrea Burruss Regional Director Staff 678-231-4902 600 S. Lumpkin St. 420 Correll Hall
Natalie Glenn Senior Director of Alumni Relations and Annual Giving Staff 706-542-9670 600 S. Lumpkin St. 420D Correll Hall
Christine Trulock Smith Director of Alumni Relations Staff 706-542-9715 600 S. Lumpkin St. 420G Correll Hall
Abby Bryant Development and Alumni Relations Coordinator Staff 706-583-0874 600 S. Lumpkin St. 420J Correll Hall
Brandon Cochran Regional Director Staff 706-296-2525 600 S. Lumpkin St. 420 S Correll Hall
Kathy D. O'Bryan Regional Director Staff 706-207-1644 600 S. Lumpkin St. 420R Correll Hall
Ruth Seiler Regional Director of Development Staff 706-206-2619 600 S. Lumpkin St. 420V Correll Hall
Cate Scruggs Director of Annual Giving Staff 706-206-7641 3475 Lenox Rd. NE Suite 300