Ling Xue joins Terry College as Alumni Board Distinguished Professor

As managers integrate these tools into everyday office life, researchers at the University of Georgia are expanding their groundbreaking research into the impact of this fourth industrial revolution to understand AI’s promise and peril of artificial intelligence.

Port of Savannah

Leading the way in logistics

In the whirlwind of the supply chain, there is no standing still. To keep from being swept up, there must be constant movement by logistics caretakers: the operations bosses, the technology builders, the data miners, the finance experts and, of course, the higher-education scholars who prime the pump with talent.

Ilustration of a breakfast plate with eggs with upward stock arrow yolks and bacon

Why do some stocks seem to make money overnight?

Finance researchers have long wondered why some stocks seem to gain value overnight. The increase in stock price from market close to its opening price the next day is referred to as the difference between overnight and intraday returns.

Illustration of man and women standing in front of rating stars with a magnifying glass

In the era of five-star reviews, how do you judge quality?

The deluge of data consumers see online is  diluting its value to consumers, argues Rick Watson, University of Georgia Regents Professor and J. Rex Fuqua Distinguished Chair for Internet Strategy at UGA’s Terry College of Business.


Photo gallery: Terry Trailblazers 2023

The Terry College of Business recognized four alumni as the 2023 Terry Trailblazers on Feb. 23 at the Business Learning Community.

Josh Sandler

Alumnus Josh Sandler loves the music of logistics

The stirring of data with digital communication is beautiful music to Josh Sandler. His cool jams are those virtual flows to the cloud that show cargo moving efficiently throughout sub-Saharan Africa.