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Coverage of David Lowery’s press conference goes widespread

Wednesday, November 20, 2013 - 11:44am

More than 50 news outlets have devoted space to covering a press conference (and its aftermath) co-hosted by Terry faculty member and musician David Lowery.

Speaking alongside Lowery at the Nov. 11 conference, National Music Publishing Association President David Israelite announced that his organization is pursuing legal action against websites that post song lyrics without compensating the lyrics’ writers.

The legal moves stem from Lowery’s research into unlicensed lyrics sites, which culminates in a list of the Top 50 worst offenders. Topped by Rap Genius, a heavily trafficked and well-financed website that offers lyrics and user-generated song interpretations, Lowery’s list is available here.

“As a songwriter I value the fact that some people are good enough to ask permission of me or my representatives if they can host my lyrics on their sites, just as your average consumer might liked be asked permission if somebody commercially uses their Instagram photos or their Facebook photos,” Lowery said at the press conference.

Coverage includes: