Charlie Thompson and Jim Chasteen of ASW Distillery

Jim Chasteen and Charlie Thompson: The Spirits Squad

Jim Chasteen (BBA ’98) still recalls his first lesson as a risk management student in the Terry College of Business. “The first thing they teach you on day one is to avoid dogs, trampolines, and booze,” says Chasteen.

Jake Goodman

The doctor is (plugged) in

When Jake Goodman took the TEDxUGA stage on March 31 and stepped onto the iconic red circle, he felt a decade-long dream become a full-circle moment. Looking into the audience, he remembered attending the inaugural TEDxUGA event in 2013 — as an undergraduate at the University of Georgia with plans to become a doctor and someday develop a message worthy of a TED talk.

Port of Savannah

Leading the way in logistics

In the whirlwind of the supply chain, there is no standing still. To keep from being swept up, there must be constant movement by logistics caretakers: the operations bosses, the technology builders, the data miners, the finance experts and, of course, the higher-education scholars who prime the pump with talent.

Person on stage at TedX

Terry management professor offers advice for startups at TEDxATL

Susan Cohen, assistant professor of management at the Terry College of Business, studies startup companies and entrepreneurship, but she’s actually in the business of studying advice — whom to ask for advice, how to separate good advice from bad advice, and how to create meaningful advice.

Research Rankings

Terry College Top Research Rankings

Scholarly contributions by the Terry College faculty are an important measure of the college’s impact. This sample of recent research rankings is based on the number of publications appearing in the premier journals in their fields.

Ilustration of a breakfast plate with eggs with upward stock arrow yolks and bacon

Why do some stocks seem to make money overnight?

Finance researchers have long wondered why some stocks seem to gain value overnight. The increase in stock price from market close to its opening price the next day is referred to as the difference between overnight and intraday returns.

Ben Ayers

Dean’s Message: A global stage for Terry

Every five years, the Terry College of Business undergoes a rigorous accreditation review process with AACSB International, an organization that champions quality and excellence in business education.