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More than 20 years of research at the University of Georgia indicates workplace health and wellness programs can offer a variety of positive effects for both workers and their employers.

When two companies merge, they see an initial benefit, but consumer dissatisfaction often erodes the new company’s value. According to new research from the University of Georgia, big brands often struggle to maintain their market power after tying the corporate knot.  

The Association for Information Systems named Maric Boudreau, department head and associate professor of management information systems, an AIS Distinguished Member and honored her with the 2021 Sand

For 10 days every April, Augusta National Golf Club in Georgia transitions from a quiet, private retreat to a global sporting event and worldwide celebration of golf.

What does your SAT score mean for your ability to pay off a car loan?  What does your Facebook feed say about your chances of landing a mortgage?  The answers: More than you think. 

Taste. Price. Convenience. Grocery shopping can be a balancing act, but in the last two decades, many companies and governments instituted front-of-box or front-of-shelf nutrition labels to help shoppers make better decisions. But do they work?

Marisa Anne Pagnattaro, a distinguished scholar and academic leader who holds the university’s highest teaching honor, has been named vice president for instruction at the University of Georgia, effective June 1. 

With a celebratory theme of “Back to Business” and an assembly of more than 700, the Terry College Alumni Awards and Gala returned in triumphant style April 30 to the Intercontinental Buckhead hotel in Atlanta.

There’s no telling how many names “it” holds, and Cecil Cooke isn’t one to entertain guesses. Then again, some have no idea what “it” is.

“It’s funny,” Cooke says with a grin, “when I talk to students about it, they want to know: ‘What is a Rolodex?’”

Life-changing moments have a way of finding a person, often when — or where — they’re least expected. For Distinguished Alumni Award recipient Bonney Shuman, an extraordinary career began in, of all places, a metro Atlanta Krispy Kreme.

Call it sweet serendipity.