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After dark on the day he turned 22 years of age, Harold Storey (BBA ’42) bedded down with a few buddies in the basement of a French house near the Moselle River.

They had a birthday blast. Literally. German artillery fire blew away the entire structure over their heads.

That was… Read Article

This fall proved a memorable season in what was already an extraordinary life for Dr. David Quintero.

Quintero — who spent a decade on active duty in the U.S. Navy and continues to serve in the Naval Reserve — was promoted to the rank of commander and later this year will assume ownership… Read Article

Class Notes for Terry alumni from Fall/Winter 2021

Passings of Terry alumni from April 1, 2021 to Sept. 30, 2021

Fall semester at the Terry College brought back familiar scenes to the Business Learning Community — sidewalks and hallways with students making their way to classrooms where faculty await.

During Jason Hedrick’s first year in Terry’s Full-Time MBA program, the former U.S. Army Aviation Officer discovered two surprises.

The first was finding so many veterans in his classes, and second, that there was no social organization in place to help them get to know one other.

Education has always been at the core of Andrea Smith’s life.

A commander in the U.S. Coast Guard, Smith grew up in Albany, where her father, Anthony Parker, has served as president of Albany Technical College for the last quarter-century. When Smith received an appointment to the U.S.… Read Article

Takeaways Employers who support new mothers when they return to work reduce the mothers’ stress level, as well as the stress level of their partners.
Takeaways Using artificial intelligence and robots to support teams will become more and more common in the workplace and in the military.

Whether it’s because of COVID cancellations, labor shortages or increased demand, America’s supply chain system is choking.