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Terry News

Each fall, a new class of University of Georgia MBA students arrives on campus with energy, curiosity and a desire to sharpen their executive skills.

The global COVID-19 pandemic tested employees, managers, and workplaces, and as with any test, some people did better than others.

Terry College faculty accolades in Spring 2023

The Terry College Music Business program came together with the community this spring to celebrate the joy of live music at the student-run Beats ’n’ Brews music festival.

The Terry College of Music Business Program wrapped up its semester with a celebration of music and spring at the Beats ’n’ Brews Festival on April 29. 

Valeria Brenner didn’t celebrate with UGA graduates at Undergraduate Commencement, but her decision to enter the Rice University Business Plan Competition resulted in another reason to celebrate: Winning $135,000 in investment for her business Thryft Ship.

Distinguished Alumni Award winner is a USG Regent, youth basketball coach and real estate legend

Distinguished Alumni Award winner shapes employee experience at Cox Enterprises

Outstanding Young Alumni Award winner forges a second act as a speaker, author and leadership coach

Whether it’s a machine learning system boosting SEO, an algorithm sorting résumés or a chatbot handling customer service, artificial intelligence already plays a role in today’s offices.