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Xia Zhao

Assistant Professor

PhD, Management Science and Information Systems, University of  Texas at Austin

ME, Control Theory and Control Engineering, Tsinghua University

BE, Automation, Tsinghua University



Research Interests and Areas of Expertise:
  • Platform economy
  • IT governance
  • Economics of IS
  • User-generated content
  • Machine learning
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Information security
Selected Publications:

Zhao, X., Song, P., and Xue, L. "Direct Communication and Two-sided Matcat hing Quality on Digital Platform: A Perspective of Choice Based on Consideration Set," accepted at Information Systems Research, 2023.

Zhao, X., Huang, L., Wang, L., Yazdani, E. and Zhang, C. "Understanding of the Dynamics of Mobile Reading: An HMM Model of User Engagement and Content Consumption, " accepted at Production and Operations Management, 2023.

Zhao, X., Song, P., Shi, L., Xue, L. and Feng, F. "Customer Complaint Avoidance: A Randomized Field Experiment Based on Value Co-creation and Appropriation," forthcoming at MIS Quarterly, 2022.

Tian, J., Zhao, X., and Xue, L. (2022) "Platform Compatibility and Developer Multi-homing: A Tradeoff Perspective,” MIS Quarterly 46(3) 1661-1690. 

Zhao, K., Zhou, L. and Zhao, X. (2022) “Multi-modal Emotion Expression and Online Charity Crowdfunding Success,” Decision Support Systems 163.

Zhao, X., Tian, J., and Xue, L. (2020) “Herding and Software Adoption: A Reexamination Based on Post-Adoption Software Discontinuance,” Journal of Management Information Systems, 37(2), 484-509.

Xue, L., Song, P., Rai, A., Zhang, C. and Zhao, X. (2019) “Implications of Application Programming Interfaces for Third-Party New Application Development and Copycatting,” Production and Operations Management 28(8) 1887-1902.

Zhao, X., Zhao, K. and Deng, J. (2019) “Geography Still Matters: Examine the Role of Location in Online Market for Foreign Branded Products,” Decision Sciences, 50(2), pp. 285-310. 

Xue, L., Ray, G. and Zhao, X. (2017) “Managerial Incentives and IT Strategic Posture,” Information Systems Research 28(1), 180-198. 

Babik, D., Singh, R., Zhao, X. and Ford, E.W. (2017) “What You Think and What I Think? Studying Intersubjectivity in Knowledge Artifacts Evaluation,” Information Systems Frontiers 19(1), 31-56.

Zhao, K., Zhao, X. and Deng, J. (2016) “An Empirical Investigation of Online Gray Market,” Journal of Retailing 92(4), 397–410. 

Lu, X., Zhao, X. and Xue, L. (2016) “Is Combining Behavioral and Contextual Targeting Strategies Effective in Online Ads,” ACM Transactions on Management Information Systems 7(1). 

Zhao, K., Zhao, X. and Deng, J. (2015) “Online Price Dispersion Revisited: How Do Transaction Prices Differ from Listing Prices?Journal of Management Information Systems 32(1), 261-290.

Church, E. M., Iyer, L. S. and Zhao, X. (2015) “Using Interest Graphs to Predict Rich-media Diffusion in Content-based Online Social Networks,” Information Systems Management 32(3), 210-219. [Download]

Lu, X. and Zhao, X. (2014) “Differential Effects of Keyword Selection in Search Engine Advertising on Direct and Indirect Sales,” Journal of Management Information Systems 30(4), 299-326.

Zhao, X., Xue, L. and Zhang, F. (2014) “Outsourcing Competition and Information Sharing with Asymmetrically Informed Suppliers,” Production and Operations Management 23(10), 1706-1718.

Fang, F., Parameswaran, M., Zhao, X. and Whinston, A. B. (2014) “Economic Mechanism to Manage Operational Security Risks for Inter-Organizational Information Systems,” Information Systems Frontiers 16(3), 399-416. [Download]

Zhao, X., Xue, L. and Whinston, A. B. (2013) “Managing Interdependent Information Security Risks: Cyberinsurance, Managed Security Services and Risk Pooling Arrangements,” Journal of Management Information Systems 30(1), 123-152.

Xue, L., Zhang, C., Ling, H. and Zhao, X. (2013) “Risk-Mitigation in Supply Chain Digitization: System Modularity and Information Technology Governance,” Journal of Management Information Systems 30(1), 325-352.

Zhao, X. and Xue, L. (2013) “Competitive Target Advertising and Consumer Data Sharing,” Journal of Management Information Systems 29(3), 189-222.

Zhao, X. (2012) “Service Design of a Customer Data Intermediary for Competitive Target Promotions,” Decision Support Systems 54(1), 699-718.

Zhou, J., Zhao, X., Xue, L., and Gargeya, V. (2012) “Double Moral Hazard in a Supply Chain with Consumer Learning,” Decision Support Systems 54(1), 482-495. 

Zhao, X. and Johnson, M. E. (2010) “Managing Information Access in Data-Rich Enterprises with Escalation and Incentives,” International Journal of Electronic Commerce 15(1), 79-111. [Download]

Zhao, X. and Xue, L. (2009) “A Framework of Using Captive Insurance to Streamline IT Control and Compliance Management,” Journal of Information Privacy and Security 5(3), 27-44. [Download]

Zhao, X., Fang, F. and Whinston, A. B. (2008) “An Economic Mechanism for Better Internet Security,” Decision Support Systems 45(4), 811-821. [Download]

Parameswaran, M., Zhao, X., Whinston, A. B. and Fang, F. (2007) Reengineering the Internet for Better Security,” IEEE Computer 40 (1), 40-44. [Download]

Zhao, X., Fang, F. and Whinston, A. B. (2006) “Designing Online Mediation Services for C2C Markets,” International Journal of Electronic Commerce 10(3), 71-94. [Download]