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Steven Malliaris

Assistant Professor
Research Interests and Areas of Expertise:

Asset pricing, behavioral finance, bounded rationality, reputation.

Selected Publications:

Malliaris, Steven, Daniel Rettl, and Ruchi Singh (2022). Is competition a cure for confusion? Evidence from the residential mortgage market. Real Estate Economics 50(1), 206-246.

Malliaris, Steven, and A.G. Malliaris (2021). Delegated asset management and performance when some investors are unsophisticated. Journal of Banking and Finance 133, article #106289.

Malliaris, Steven, and Hongjun Yan (2021). Reputation concerns and slow moving capital. Review of Asset Pricing Studies 11(3), 580-609.

Frederick, Shane, Amanda Levis, Steven Malliaris, and Andrew Meyer (2018). Valuing bets and hedges: Implications for the construct of risk preference. Judgment and Decision Making 13(6), 501-508. Lead article.

Malliaris, Mary, and Steven Malliaris (2008). Forecasting inter-related energy product prices. European Journal of Finance 14(6), 453-468.