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Santanu Chatterjee

Associate Dean | Diversity, International and Master's Programs
Director | Full-Time MBA & MS Business Analytics Programs
Dr. Harold A. Black Distinguished Professor | Department of Economics
Josiah Meigs Distinguished Teaching Professor

Dean's Office

Office of Diversity Relations

International Business Programs

Dr. Santanu Chatterjee is the Associate Dean for Diversity, International and Master's Programs and the Dr. Harold A. Black Distinguished Professor of Economics at the University of Georgia's Terry College of Business. He also serves as the Director of the Full-Time MBA & MS Business Analytics programs. Prior to joining UGA's Economics Department in 2001, he earned his PhD from the University of Washington. Dr. Chatterjee is a three-time winner of the Economics Department's George P. Swift Teaching Award, the Hough O. Nourse MBA Teacher of the Year Award, the Outstanding Faculty Award for Teaching from the Terry College of Business, and the Josiah Meigs Distinguished Teaching Professorship from the University of Georgia. He has been a visiting scholar at the International Monetary Fund, the University of California at Berkeley, and the University of Hamburg in Germany, and is currently serving on the Editorial Boards for Economic Inquiry and the Journal of Macroeconomics.

  • PhD, Economics, University of Washington, 2001
  • MA, Economics, Delhi School of Economics, Delhi University (India), 1996
  • BS, Economics, St. Xavier's College, University of Calcutta (India), 1994
Prior professional positions:
  • University of Hamburg, Germany, Department of Economics, Visiting Scholar, 2008 to 2014
  • International Monetary Fund, Research Department, Visiting Scholar, November 2005
  • University of California-Berkeley, Department of Economics, Visiting Scholar, January-April 2000
Awards, Honors and Recognitions:
  • Richard Reiff Internationalization Award, Office of Global Engagement, UGA, 2022
  • Kamerschen-Hampton Research Award, Department of Economics, UGA, 2021
  • SEC Academic Leadership Development Fellow, 2019-2021
  • Hugh O. Nourse Outstanding MBA Teacher Award, University of Georgia, Terry College of Business, 2018
  • Josiah Meigs Distinguished Teaching Professor, University of Georgia, 2018
  • University of Georgia Teaching Academy, Class of 2018
  • Sarah H. Moss Research Fellowship, Sarah H. Moss Foundation, 2011
  • Outstanding Teaching Award, University of Georgia, Terry College of Business, 2010
  • George P. Swift Award for Outstanding Teaching in Undergraduate Economics, Department of Economics, University of Georgia, 2003, 2006, and 2009
  • Poverty and the Economy Grant, UGARF, University of Georgia, 2007
  • University of Georgia Research Foundation (UGARF) Grant, University of Georgia, 2003
  • Associate Dean for Diversity, International and Master's Programs, 2021-present
  • Director, Full-Time MBA Program, 2014 – present
  • Director, MS Business Analytics Program, 2018 – present
  • Department of Economics, Graduate Coordinator, 2009 – 2013
Research Interests and Areas of Expertise:

Areas of Expertise

  • Economic Growth
  • International Economics
  • Development Economics

Research Interests

  • Economic Growth
  • International Economics
  • Development Economics


Selected Publications:

Journal Articles

  • S. Chatterjee, M. Kelly, and S. Turnovsky. 2022. Foreign Aid, Public Investment and the Informal Economy. Economic Inquiry 60, 174-201.
  • S. Chatterjee, T. Lebesmuehlbacher, A. Narayanan. 2021. How Productive is Public Investment? Evidence from Formal and Informal Production in India. 2021. Journal of Development Economics 151: 10265.
  • S. Chatterjee, S. Turnovsky. 2018. Remittances and the Informal Economy. Journal Of Development Economics, 133:66-83. 
  • B. Bahadir, S. Chatterjee, T. Lebesmuehlbacher. 2018. The Macroeconomic Consequences of Remittances. Journal Of International Economics, 111:214-232. 
  • S. Chatterjee, J. Gibson, F. Rioja. 2017. Optimal Public Debt Redux. Journal Of Economic Dynamics And Control, 83:162-174. 
  • S. Chatterjee. A. Mursagulov. 2016. Fiscal Policy and the Real Exchange Rate. Macroeconomic Dynamics, 20:1742-1770. 
  • D. Balasubramaniam, S. Chatterjee, D. Mustard. 2014. Got Water? Social Divisions and Access to Public Goods in Rural India. Economica, 81:140-160. 
  • S. Chatterjee, S. Turnovsky. 2012. Infrastructure and Inequality. European Economic Review, 56:1730-1745. 
  • M. Atolia, S. Chatterjee, S.J. Turnovsky. 2012. Growth and Inequality: Dependence on the Time Path of Productivity Increases (and Other Structural Changes). Journal Of Economic Dynamics And Control,36:331-348. 
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  • S. Chatterjee, S. Ghosh. 2011. The Dual Nature of Public Goods and Congestion: The Role of Fiscal Policy Revisited. Canadian Journal Of Economics, 44:1471-1496. 
  • M. Atolia, S. Chatterjee, S. Turnovsky. 2010. How Misleading is Linearization? Evaluating the Dynamics of the Neoclassical Growth Model. Journal Of Economic Dynamics And Control, (34):1550-1571. 
  • S. Chatterjee. 2007. Should the Private Sector Provide Public Capital?. Macroeconomic Dynamics, (11):318-346. 
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  • S. Chatterjee, G. Sakoulis, and S.J. Turnovsky. 2003. Unilateral Capital Transfers, Public Investment, and Economic Growth. European Economic Review, (47 (6)):1077-1103.
Editorial appointments:
  • Associate Editor, Economic Inquiry (October 2018-present)
  • Associate Editor, Journal of Macroeconomics (January 2016-present)