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Julio Sevilla

Associate Professor
  • PhD, Marketing, University of Miami, 2013
  • MBA, International Business, Florida International University, 2008
  • BS, Industrial Engineering, Universidad Americana (Managua, Nicaragua), 2005
Research Interests and Areas of Expertise:
  • Consumer Behavior
  • Consumption and Healthiness
  • Retailing/Packaging
  • Numeric Cognition/Pricing
Selected Publications:

Journal Articles

Sample, Kevin L., John Hulland, Julio Sevilla and Lauren Labrecque, “The Design Communications Assessment Scale (DCAS): Assessing and Adjusting the Effectiveness of Product Design Communications,” Journal of Marketing Research, (Forthcoming)

Isaac, Mathew S., Julio Sevilla, and Rajesh Bagchi (2022), The Commission Effect: Framing Affects Perceived Magnitude of Identical Payouts,” Journal of Experimental Psychology: Applied.

Vanbergen, Noah, Caglar Irmak and Julio Sevilla (2020), “Product Entitativity: The Effect of Assortment Quantity on Expected and Actual Product Efficacy,” Journal of Consumer Research, Vol. 47 (August), 192-214.

Sevilla, Julio and Robert J. Meyer (2020), "Leaving Something for the Imagination: The Effect of Visual Concealment on Preferences," Journal of Marketing, Vol. 84 (July), 109-126.

Salerno, Anthony and Julio Sevilla (2019), “Scarce Foods are Perceived as Having More Calories,” Journal of Consumer Psychology, Vol 29 (July), 472-482, Vol. 78 (December), 103750.

Sevilla, Julio, Joy Lu and Barbara E. Kahn (2019), “Maximizing Enjoyment Over Time: The Interplay Between Variety-Seeking and Satiation,” Journal of Consumer Psychology, Vol 29 (April), 89-103.

Sevilla, Julio, Mathew Isaac and Rajesh Bagchi (2018), "Format Neglect: How the Use of Numerical Versus Percent Rank Claims Influences Consumer Judgments," Journal of Marketing, Vol. 82 (6), 150-164.

Sevilla, Julio, Jiao Zhang and Barbara E. Kahn (2016), “Anticipation of Future Variety Reduces Satiation from Current Experiences,” Journal of Marketing Research, 53(6):954-968. 

Sevilla, Julio and Claudia Townsend (2016), “The Space-to-Product-Ratio Effect: How Interstitial Space Influences Product Aesthetic Appeal, Store Perceptions and Product Preference,” Journal of Marketing Research, 53(5):665-681. 

Sevilla, Julio and Joseph P. Redden (2014), “Limited Availability Reduces the Rate of Satiation,” Journal of Marketing Research, 51(2):205-217. 

Sevilla, Julio and Barbara E. Kahn (2014), “The Completeness Heuristic: Product Shape Completeness Influences Size Perceptions, Preference and Consumption,” Journal of Marketing Research, 51(1):57-68.