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James M. Carson

Daniel P. Amos Distinguished Professor of Insurance
  • PhD, Risk Management and Insurance, University of Georgia, 1993
  • MA, Finance, Ins, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 1989
  • BSBA, Finance, Ins, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 1986
Prior professional positions:
  • Florida State University, Midyette Eminent Scholar, 2001 to 2011
  • Illinois State University, Katie Research Professor, 1993 to 2001
  • American Risk and Insurance Association, President, 2004 – 2005, Professional
  • Western Risk and Insurance Association, President, 2000 – 2001, Professional
Selected Publications:

Journal Articles

  • Carson, James M., Cameron Ellis, Robert E. Hoyt, Krzysztof Ostaszewski, 2020. Sunk Costs and Screening: Two-Part Tariffs in Life Insurance. Journal of Risk and Insurance. 87(3):689-718.
  • Carson, James M. Evan M. Eastman, and David L. Eckles. 2018. Ratings: It's Accrual World. Journal of Risk and Insurance, 85:787-809. 
  • Eriksen, Michael D. and James M. Carson. 2017. A Burning Question: Does Arson Increase When House Prices Decline? Journal of Risk and Insurance, 84:7-34. 
  • James M. Carson, Robert E. Hoyt, and Tim R. Samples. 2017. Dead or Alive: The Law, Policy, and Market Effects of Legislation on Unclaimed Life Insurance Policy Benefits. Notre Dame Journal Of Law, Ethics & Public Policy, 31:1-28. 
  • Zeng, Xudong, Yuling Wang, and James M. Carson. 2015. Dynamic Portfolio Choice with Stochastic Wage and Life Insurance. North American Actuarial Journal, 19(4):256-272. 
  • Cole, Cassandra, Stephen G. Fier, James M. Carson, and Demetra Andrews. 2015. The Impact of Insurer Name Changes on the Demand for Insurance. Journal of Risk and Insurance
  • Carson, James M., Kathleen A. McCullough, and David Pooser. 2013. Deciding Whether to Invest in Mitigation Measures: Evidence from Florida. Journal of Risk and Insurance, 80:309-327. 
  • Mao, Hong, James M. Carson, Krzysztof Ostaszewski, and Zhongkai Wen. 2013. Optimal Decision on Dynamic Insurance Price and Investment Portfolio of an Insurer. Insurance: Mathematics and Economics, 52:359-369.
  • Fier, Stephen G., Kathleen McCullough, and James M. Carson. 2013. Internal Capital Markets and the Partial Adjustment of Leverage. Journal of Banking & Finance, 37:35-57. 
  • Liebenberg, Andre, James M. Carson, and Randy E. Dumm. 2012. A Dynamic Analysis of the Demand for Life Insurance. Journal of Risk and Insurance, 79:619-644. 
  • Liebenberg, Andre P., James M. Carson, and Robert E. Hoyt. 2010. The Demand for Life Insurance Policy Loans. Journal of Risk and Insurance, 77:651-666. 
  • Carson, James M., Elyas Elyasiani, and Iqbal Mansur. 2008. Market Risk, Interest Rate Sensitivity, and Interdependency in Insurer Stock Returns: A System-GARCH Model. Journal of Risk and Insurance, 75:873-891. 
  • Brewer, Elijah, James M. Carson, Elyas Elyasiani, Iqbal Mansur, and William Scott. 2007. Interest Rate Risk and Equity Values of Life Insurance Companies: a GARCH-M Model. Journal of Risk and Insurance, 74:401-423.