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Elena Karahanna

C.Herman and Mary Virginia Terry Distinguished Chair of Business Administration & UGA Distinguished Research Professor

PhD, MIS, University of Minnesota, 1993

MBA, Business Administration, Lehigh University, 1988

BS, Computer Science, Lehigh University, 1986

Awards, Honors and Recognitions:
  • Management Science Information Systems Department Inaugural Best Associate Editor Award, 2022
  • INFORMS Information Systems Society Distinguished Fellow, 2021
  • Terry College of Business Distinguished Research Award, 2021
  • AIS Technology ATLAS Award, 2021
  • AIS Leo Award for Exceptional Lifetime Contributions to the IS Discipline, 2020
  • Distinguished Research Professor, University of Georgia, 2016
  • AIS Sandra Slaughter Service Award, The Association for Information Systems, 2015
  • UGA Teaching Excellence Award, University of Georgia, 2013
  • AIS Fellow, The Association for Information Systems, 2012
  • UGA Teaching Excellence Award, University of Georgia, 2011
  • Terry Research Award, University of Georgia, Terry College of Business, 2010
  • UGA Teaching Excellence Award, University of Georgia, 2003
  • OCIS Reviewer of the Year, Academy of Management, 2002
  • IMS Dept. Instructor of the Year Award, Florida State University, 1998

Selected Service

  • ICIS 2020 Program Co-Chair
  • ICIS 2014 Program Co-Chair
  • AMCIS 2023 Doctoral Consortium Co-Chair
  • AMCIS 2014 Doctoral Consortium Co-Chair
  • ECIS 2024 Conference Co-Chair
  • Mediterranean Conference on Information Systems 2016 Conference Co-Chair
  • Mediterranean Conference on Information Systems 2011 Conference Co-Chair
  • MIS Academic Leadership Conference 2022, Conference Co-Chair
  • INFORMS ISS Inaugural Paper Development Workshop Organizing Committee, 2023
  • Co-founder (with Sandy Slaughter) of the Doctoral Student Corner (2014)
  • Co-founder (with Rick Watson) of the Senior Scholar Consortium (2004)
Research Interests and Areas of Expertise:
  • Health IT
  • Conversational Agents
  • Social Bots 
  • Algorithmic Coordination
  • IT Use
Selected Publications:

Journal Articles

  • Amiri, P. and Karahanna, E. “Chatbot Use Cases in the Covid-19 Public Health Response,” Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association (JAMIA), May 2022, 29:5, pp. 1000-1010.
  • Feng, Y., Claggett, J. Karahanna E., and Tam, K.Y., “Exploring the Impact of Herding Cues in the Presence of Other Information Signals through a Randomized Field Experiment,” MIS Quarterly, June 2022, 46:2, pp. 1135-1163.
  • Salge, C., Karahanna, E., and Thatcher, J. “Algorithmic Processes of Social Alertness and Social Transmission: How Bots Disseminate Information on Twitter,” MIS Quarterly, March 2022, 46:1, pp. 229-259.
  • Zhang, N., Wang, C., Karahanna, E., and Xu, Y. “Conceptualizing Online Social Networking Privacy Concerns,” MIS Quarterly, March 2022, 46:1, pp. 491-529.
  • Bardhan, I., Chen, H., and Karahanna, E. “Connecting Systems, Data, and People: A Multidisciplinary Research Roadmap for Chronic Disease Management,” MIS Quarterly, 44:1, March 2020, pp. 185-200.
  • Thomaz, F., Salge, C., Karahanna, E., & Hulland, J. “Learning From the Dark Web: Leveraging Conversational Agents in the Era Of Hyper-Privacy to Enhance Marketing,” Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, 48:1, January 2020, pp. 43-63.
  • Grewal, D., Hulland, J., Kopalle P.K., Karahanna E. “The Future of Technology and Marketing: A Multidisciplinary Perspective,” Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, 48:1, January 2020, pp. 1-8 
  • Claggett, J.L. and Karahanna, E. Unpacking the Structure of Coordination Mechanisms and the Role of Relational Coordination in an Era of Digitally-Mediated Work Processes. Academy Of Management Review, 43:4, 2018, pp. 704-722. 
  • Karahanna, E., Liu, B., Serrano, C. and Chen, A. Capitalizing on Heath Information Technology to Enable Digital Advantage in US Hospitals. MIS Quarterly, 43:1, March 2019, pp. 113-140. 
  • Karahanna, E., Benbasat I., Bapna, R., and Rai, A. “Editor’s Comments: Opportunities and Challenges for Different Types of Online Experiments,” MIS Quarterly, 42:4, December 2018, pp. iii-x.
  • Chen, A. and Karahanna, E. Life Interrupted: Examining the Effects of Work-Related Technology-Mediated Interruptions on Work and Life Outcomes. MIS Quarterly, 42:4, December 2018, pp. 1023-1042. 
  • Karahanna, E., Xu, S., Zhang, A., Xu, Y. The Needs-Affordances-Features (NAF) Perspective for the Use of Social Media. MIS Quarterly, 42:3, September 2018, pp. 737-756.
  • Salge, C. and Karahanna, E. 2018. Protesting Corruption on Twitter: Is it a Bot or is it a Person?. Academy of Management Discoveries,4(1):32-49. 
  • Liu, Q. and Karahanna, E. 2017. The Dark Side of Reviews: The Swaying Effects of Online Product Reviews on Attribute Preferences Construction. MIS Quarterly, 41(2):427-448. 
  • Serrano, C. and Karahanna, E. 2016. The Compensatory Role of User Capabilities in Task Performance Outcomes: An Empirical Assessment in Technology-Mediated Medical Consultations. MIS Quarterly, 40(3):597-622. 
  • Rigdon, E.E., Becker, JM, Rai, A., Ringle, C.M., Diamantopoulos, A., Karahanna, E., Straub, D.W., and Dijkstra, T.K. 2014. Conflating Antecedents and Formative Indicators: A Comment on Aguirre-Urreta and Marakas. Information Systems Research , 25(4):780-784. 
  • Dawson, G., Karahanna E., and Buchholz, A. 2014. A Study on Psychological Contract Breach Spillover in Multiple Agency Relationships in Consulting Professional Service Firms. Organization Science, 25(1):149-170. 
  • Karahanna, E. and Preston, D. 2013. The Effect of Social Capital of the Relationship between the CIO and Top Management Team on Firm Performance. Journal Of Management Information Systems ,30(1):15-55. 
  • Williams, C. and Karahanna, E. 2013. Causal Explanation in the Coordinating Process: A Critical Realist Case Study of Federated IT Governance Structures. MIS Quarterly, 37(3):933-964. 
  • Polites, G. and Karahanna, E. 2013. The Embeddedness of IS Habits in Organizational Routines: Development and Disruption. MIS Quarterly, 37(1):221-246. 
  • Polites, G. and Karahanna, E. 2012 . Shackled to the Status Quo: The Inhibiting Effects of Incumbent System Habit, Switching Costs, and Inertia on New System Acceptance. MIS Quarterly, 36(1):21-42 **MIS Quarterly 2012 Best Paper Award **. 
  • Preston, D. and Karahanna, E. 2009. Antecedents of IS Strategic Alignment: A Nomological Network. Information Systems Research, 20(2):159-179. 
  • Choudhury, V. and Karahanna, E. 2008. The Relative Advantage of Electronic Channels: A Multi-Dimensional View. MIS Quarterly, 32(1):179-2000. 
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  • Srite, M. and Karahanna, E. 2006. The Role of Espoused National Cultural Values in Technology Acceptance. MIS Quarterly, 30(3):679-704. 
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  • Straub, D.W., Limayem, M. and Karahanna, E. 1995. Measuring System Usage: Implications for IS Theory Testing. Management Science, 41(8):1328-1342
Editorial appointments:
  • Advisory Senior Editor Information Systems Research (2022- )
  • Associate Editor for Management Science (2007- )
  • Senior Editor for MIS Quarterly (2004-2007)
  • Senior Editor for Information Systems Research (2008-2012)  
  • Senior Editor for Journal of AIS (2004-2007)
  • Associate Editor for Information Systems Research (2004-2005)
  • Associate Editor for MIS Quarterly (2001-2004).
  • Editorial Board for IEEE Transaction on Engineering Management (2003-2007), Journal of AIS (2002-2004), International Journal of Information Systems and Management (IJISAM – Taiwan), European Journal of Information Systems (2003-2005), & Computer Personnel (1995-2000)
  • Advisory Board, Journal of AIS (2016-2019)
  • Advisory Board, AIS Transactions on HCI (2020- )
  • Co-editor (with Corey Angst, Alan Dennis, and Gondy Leroy) of special issue of Journal of Management Information Systems on “Information Technology to Foster Mental Health” (2022-2023)
  • Co-editor (with Dhruv Grewal, John Hulland, Praveen K. Kopalle) of special issue of Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science on “The Future of Technology and Marketing” (2019)
  • Co-editor (with Indranil Bardhan and Hsinchun Chen) of special issue of MIS Quarterly on the “Role of Information Systems and Analytics in Chronic Disease Prevention and Management” (2017-2019)
  • Co-editor (with Omar El Sawy and Varun Grover) of special issue of MISQ Executive on “New IS Leadership Roles in a Digital World,” (2010-2011)
  • Co-editor (with Rick Watson) of special issue of IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management on IS Leadership (2005-2006).