James headshot

James Matusik

  • Assistant Professor, Department of Management
C207 Benson Hall


  • PhD, Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Management, Michigan State University, 2020
  • MBA, International Business, Oakland University, 2015
  • BBA, Management, Baker College, 2013

Research Interests

  • Teams and Team Dynamics
  • Social Hierarchy, Power, and Status
  • Longitudinal Methodology
  • Organizational Support


Journal Articles

  • Gamache, D.L., Busenbark, J.R., Steinbach, A.L., Lee, E.Y., & Matusik, J.G. (in press). Organization-investor fit: The role of temporal preferences in shaping investor attraction and organizational performance.  Personnel Psychology.
  • Matusik, J.G., Poulton, E.C., Ferris, D.L., Johnson, R.E., & Rodell, J.B. (in press). The PCMT model of organizational support: Scale development and theoretical application. Journal of Applied Psychology.
  • Mitchell, R.L., Matusik, J.G., & Johnson, R.E. (in press). Backlashes or boosts? The role of warmth and gender in relational uncertainty reduction. Human Resource Management.
  • Matusik, J.G., Mitchell, R.L., Hays, N.A., Fath, S., & Hollenbeck, J.R. (2022). The highs and lows of hierarchy in multiteam systems. Academy of Management Journal, 65(5), 1571-1592.
  • Matusik, J.G., Ferris, D.L., & Johnson, R.E. (2022). The PCMT model of organizational support: An integrative review and reconciliation of the organizational support literature. Journal of Applied Psychology 107(3), 329-345.
  • Matusik, J.G., Hollenbeck, J.R., & Mitchell, R. (2021). Latent change score models for the study of development and dynamics in organizational research. Organizational Research Methods, 24(4), 772-801.
  • Matta, F.K., Scott, B.A., Guo, Z., Matusik, J.G. (2020). Exchanging one uncertainty for another: Justice variability negates the benefits of justice. Journal of Applied Psychology105(1), 97-110.
  • Matusik, J.G., Hollenbeck, J.R., Matta, F.K., Oh, K-J. (2019). Dynamic systems theory and dual change score models: Seeing teams through the lens of developmental psychology. Academy of Management Journal62(6), 1760-1788.
  • Matusik, J.G., Heidl, R., Hollenbeck, J.R., Yu, A., Lee, H-W., & Howe, M. (2019). Wearable Bluetooth sensors for capturing relational variables and temporal variability in relationships: A construct validation study. Journal of Applied Psychology, 104(3), 357-387.
  • Kang, J. H., Matusik, J. G., & Barclay, L. (2017). Affective and normative motives to work overtime in Asian workplaces: Four cultural orientations from Confucian ethics. Journal of Business Ethics, 140(1), 115-130.
  • Kang, J. H., Matusik, J. G., Kim, T-Y., & Phillips, J. M. (2016). Interactive effects of multiple organizational climates on employee innovative behavior in entrepreneurial firms: A cross-level investigation. Journal of Business Venturing, 31(6), 628-642.