Erin M. Towery

  • KPMG-Atlanta Partners’ and Employees’ Professor and Associate Professor, J.M. Tull School of Accounting
A322 Moore-Rooker Hall


  • PhD, Accounting, University of Texas at Austin
  • MPA, Taxation, University of Texas at Austin
  • BSBA, Accounting, Auburn University

Research Interests

  • Tax compliance
  • Financial reporting
  • Corporate finance


Journal Articles

  • Jonathan Cohn, Lillian Mills and Erin Towery. The evolution of capital structure and operating performance after leveraged buyouts: Evidence from U.S. corporate tax returns. 2014. Journal Of Financial Economics 111(2):469-494.
  • Sanjay Gupta, Lillian Mills and Erin Towery. The effect of mandatory financial statement disclosures of tax uncertainty on tax reporting and collections: The case of FIN 48 and multistate tax avoidance. 2014. Journal Of The American Taxation Association 36(2):203-229.
  • Leslie Robinson, Bridget Stomberg and Erin Towery. One size does not fit all: How the uniform rules of FIN 48 affect the relevance of income tax accounting. 2016. The Accounting Review 91(4):1195-1217.
  • Erin Towery. Unintended consequences of linking tax return disclosures to financial reporting for income taxes: Evidence from Schedule UTP. 2017. The Accounting Review 92(5): 201-226.
  • Erin Henry, Norman Massel, and Erin Towery. Increased tax disclosures and corporate tax avoidance. 2016. National Tax Journal 69(4):809-830.
  • Ben Ayers, Jeri Seidman, and Erin Towery. Taxpayer reporting behavior under audit certainty. 2019. Contemporary Accounting Research 36(1): 326-358.
  • Michelle Nessa, Casey Schwab, Bridget Stomberg, and Erin Towery. How do IRS resources affect the corporate audit process? 2020. The Accounting Review 95(2): 311-338.
  • Jonathan Cohn, Edith Hotchkiss, and Erin Towery. Sources of value creation in private equity buyouts of private firms. 2022. Review of Finance 26(2): 257-285.
  • Tingting Liu, Tao Shu, Erin Towery, and Jasmine Wang. The role of external regulators in merger and acquisitions: Evidence from SEC comment letters. 2022. Review of Accounting Studies, forthcoming.