Each semester eight of our highest achievers are selected to attend classes with the dean and spend a weekend with former Coca-Cola CEO Doug Ivester and other business leaders at Deer Run, Ivester's 25,000 acre plantation in Leary, Georgia.


At Deer Run, you will take part in a number of activities designed to:

  • Inform you about the business operations of a modern plantation and the impact such a plantation can have on the economy and culture of the South.
  • Stimulate you intellectually through lectures and discussion. Typically, at least one industry expert will be invited to Deer Run to speak about his or her area of expertise. Topics may include any aspect of business in a wide array of organizations (manufacturing, service, agriculture, non-profit, etc.).
  • Encourage you personally through discussions of their life and professional goals and plans.
  • Promote team building through activities associated with life on a large plantation. Examples include horseback riding, hiking, skeet shooting, etc.

Selection Process

  1. Nomination
    Prospective participants are recommended to the Dean by a Terry College faculty or staff member.
  2. Application
    Students are then notified of the nomination and submit a completed application (resume and short essay).
  3. Review
    Each application is reviewed by a Terry College faculty/staff committee that will narrow the applicant pool to a group of finalists.
  4. Interview
    Finalists will be invited to participate in individual interviews with the Terry College committee.


Participants are selected based upon

  • Demonstrated ability and desire to grow intellectually and personally from the Deer Run experience.
  • Excellent academic preparation and potential for continued learning

2015–2016 Fellows

Student Semester Major Expected Graduation
Christopher Buttimer Fall 2016 Finance Fall 2016
Alex Felsing Fall 2016 Accounting Spring 2017
Waynie Lee Fall 2016 Management/IB and Advertising Spring 2018
Bruce Li Fall 2016 Economics and Computer Science Spring 2017
Doug Mohme Fall 2016 Finance and MIS Fall 2016
Julie Spangler Fall 2016 Economics Spring 2017
Felipe Suarez Fall 2016 Marketing Spring 2018
Rachel Zilinskas Fall 2016 Risk Management and Insurance Spring 2017
Olaoluwa Ayeni Spring 2016 Marketing Spring 2017
Alex Bosse Spring 2016 Finance Spring 2016
Ally Chastain Spring 2016 Management and Finance Spring 2016
Robin Haas Spring 2016 Accounting Spring 2016
Mary Pittman Spring 2016 Risk Management and Insurance Fall 2016
Adrian Obleton Spring 2016 Management Information Systems Spring 2017
David Malcher Spring 2016 Finance and Management Information Systems Spring 2016
Maddi Smith Spring 2016 Finance and Economics Spring 2016
Rebecca Cessna Fall 2015 Accounting Spring 2016
Alex Edelstein Fall 2015 Management Information Systems Spring 2016
Alexandra Edquist Fall 2015 Economics Spring 2016
Anna Heape Fall 2015 Marketing Spring 2016
Kyle Karempelis Fall 2015 Finance Fall 2015
Taylor Long Fall 2015 Management and Economics Spring 2016
Nick Salyers Fall 2015 Marketing Spring 2016
Abby Wienstein Fall 2015 Management Information Systems and Accounting Spring 2016
Sarah Cunningham Spring 2015 Management and Marketing Fall 2015
Savannah Grow Spring 2015 Risk Management and Insurance Spring 2015
Derek Hammock Spring 2015 Accounting Spring 2015
William Heaton Spring 2015 Risk Management and Insurance and Real Estate Spring 2015
Tyler Jones Spring 2015 Finance Spring 2015
Emily Joseph Spring 2015 Finance Spring 2015
Leydiana Munguia Spring 2015 Management Information Systems and Accounting Spring 2015
Nilay Patel Spring 2015 Accounting and Finance Spring 2016