MIS professors’ research papers rank as most downloaded

Richard Watson

Two papers by Terry College MIS professors have become two of the top three most downloaded papers in the history of the Association for Information Systems.

AIS is the premier professional association for the practice, study and teaching of information systems worldwide.

The No. 1 most downloaded paper was co-authored by Richard Watson, who holds the J. Rex Fuqua Distinguished Chair for Internet Strategy at Terry. “Analyzing the Past to Prepare for the Future: Writing a Literature Review” was published in Management Information Systems Quarterly in 2002. Watson’s co-author was Jane Webster of Queen’s University in Ontario, Canada.

Tutorial: Big Data Analytics: Concepts, Technologies and Applications” by longtime MIS professor Hugh J. Watson ranked third. Published in 2014, the sole-authored article also holds the distinction of being the most downloaded paper published in Communications of the Association for Information Systems.