Yihao Liu

Yihao Liu

  • Associate Professor, Department of Management


  • Ph.D., Management, University of Florida, 2017

Research Interests

  • Interdependency at work (e.g., teamwork, social network)
  • Adversity at work (e.g., work/interpersonal stressors, work-family interference)
  • Career challenges at work (e.g., onboarding, job search)


Journal Articles

  • Liu, H.*, Liu, Y.*, Chiang, J. T-J., Wang, S., & Wang, H. (in press). When self-love is threatened: Adopting a dual-type view to understand leader narcissism and its impacts on LMX and newcomer work outcomes. Personnel Psychology. Advance online publication. https://doi.org/10.1111/peps.12555. [*equal contribution]
  • Hu, J., Chiang, J. T-J., Liu, Y., Gao, Y., & Wang, Z. (2023). Double challenges: How working from home affects dual-earner couples’ work-family experiences. Personnel Psychology, 76(1), 141-179.
  • Liu, Y., Song, Y., Trainer, H., Carter, D., Zhou, L., Wang, Z., & Chiang, J. T-J. (2023). Feeling negative or positive about fresh blood? Understanding veterans’ affective reactions toward newcomer entry in teams from an affective events perspective. Journal of Applied Psychology, 108(5), 728–749.
  • Liu, Y., Chen, F. X., Chiang, J. T-J., Wang, Z., & Liu, H. (2022). Asking how to fish vs. asking for fish: Antecedents and outcomes of different types of help-seeking at work. Personnel Psychology, 75(3), 557–587.
  • Koopmann, J., Liu, Y., Liang, Y., & Liu, S. (2021). Job search self-regulation during COVID-19: Linking search constraints, health concerns, and invulnerability to job search processes and outcomes. Journal of Applied Psychology, 106(7), 975–989.
  • Gross, C., Debus, M. E., Liu, Y., Wang, M., & Kleinmann, M. (2021). I am nice and capable! How and when newcomers’ self-presentation to their supervisors affects socialization outcomes. Journal of Applied Psychology, 106(7), 1067–1079.
  • Song, Y., Liu, Y., Wang, M., Lanaj, K., Johnson, R., & Shi, J. (2018). A social mindfulness approach to understanding experienced customer mistreatment: A within-person field experiment. Academy of Management Journal, 61(3), 994–1020.
  • Liu, Y., Song, Y., Koopmann, J. M., Wang, M., Chang, C.-H. & Shi, J. (2017). Eating your feelings? Testing a model of employees’ work-related stressors, sleep quality, and unhealthy eating. Journal of Applied Psychology, 102(8), 1237–1258.
  • Bono, J. E., Braddy, P. W., Liu, Y., Gilbert, E. K., Fleenor, J. W., Quast, L. N., & Center, B. A. (2017). Dropped on the way to the top: Gender and managerial derailment. Personnel Psychology, 70(4), 729–768.
  • Liu, Y., Wang, M., Chang, C.-H., Shi, J., Zhou, L., & Shao, R. (2015). Work-family conflict, emotional exhaustion, and aggression toward others: The moderating roles of workplace interpersonal conflict and perceived managerial family support. Journal of Applied Psychology, 100(3), 793–808.
  • Shi, J., Johnson, R. E., Liu, Y., & Wang, M. (2013). Linking subordinate political skill to supervisor dependence and reward recommendations: A moderated mediation model. Journal of Applied Psychology, 98(2), 374–384.

Editorial Appointments

  • Editorial Board Member, Personnel Psychology, 2020–present
  • Editorial Board Member, Journal of Applied Psychology, 2021–present
  • Editorial Board Member, Journal of Management, 2021–present
  • Senior Editor, Management and Organizational Review, 20232025

Awards, Honors, and Recognition

  • SIOP International Research and Collaboration Small Grant (2023)
  • Journal of Management Outstanding Reviewer Award (2021)
  • Personnel Psychology Best Article Award (2017)


2022 – 2025          Representative-at-large, Research Methods Division, AOM

2022 – 2024          Chair of history committee, SIOP

Prior Professional Positions

  • Assistant Professor, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, 2017-2023