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Daniel Gamache

  • Associate Professor, Department of Management
C209 Benson Hall


I study why different types of CEOs make different strategic decisions. As such, my research falls within the realm of strategic leadership and corporate governance. I have developed several interrelated streams of research looking at different factors that influence the decisions of senior executive strategic decision-making. The first stream of my research focuses on characteristics of the executives (i.e., psychological attributes), the second line of research explores the influence of executive compensation, and the third emphasizes how social evaluations (i.e., reputation, celebrity) of the firm and its executives influence the choices made by the executives. Although I am interested in several strategic outcomes, my research has often focused on two primary outcomes — acquisition activity and stakeholder strategy. My research and teaching provide significant opportunities for me to advance knowledge and inform practice in ways that can help improve corporate decision-making and firm governance.


  • PhD, Strategic Management, Michigan State University, 2015
  • MA, Leadership and Management, Briercrest College and Seminary, 2000
  • BA, Economics, Brandon University, 1996

Research Interests

  • Strategic Leadership
  • Executive Compensation
  • Social Evaluations (e.g., Corporate Reputation)
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Stakeholder Strategy


Journal Articles

  • Gamache, D.L. Busenbark, J.R., Steinbach, A. L., & ††Lee, E., Matusik, J.G. (Forthcoming) Organization-investor fit: The role of temporal preferences in shaping investor attraction and organizational performance. Personnel Psychology.
  • Gamache, D.L., Devers, C.E., Klien, F.B. & Hannigan, T. (2023) Shifting perspectives: How scrutiny shapes the relationship between CEO gender and acquisition activity. Strategic Management Journal, 44:3012-3041.
  • Busenbark, J.R., †Yoon, H., Gamache, D.L., & Withers, M. (2022). Omitted variable bias: Examining management research with the impact threshold of a confounding variable (ITCV). Journal of Management, 48: 17-48.
  • Gamache, D.L., Neville, F.P., ††Bundy, J., †Short, C. (2020). Serving differently: CEO regulatory focus and firm stakeholder strategy. Strategic Management Journal, 41: 1305-1335.
  • Gamache, D.L., McNamara, G.M., 2019. Responding to bad press: How CEO temporal focus influences the sensitivity to negative media coverage of acquisitions. Academy of Management Journal, 62: 918-943.
  • Gamache, D.L., McNamara, G.M., Graffin, S.D., ††Kiley, J.T., Haleblian, J.J., & Devers, C.D., 2019. Impression Offsetting as an Early Warning Signal of Low CEO Confidence in Acquisitions. Academy of Management Journal, 62: 1307-1332.
  • Steinbach, A.L., Gamache, D.L., & Johnson, R.E. 2019. Don’t get it misconstrued: Construal level shifts and flexibility in the upper echelons. Academy of Management Review, 44: 871-895.
  • Puranik, H., Koopman, J., Vough, H.C., & Gamache, D.L. (2019). They want what I’ve got (I think): The causes and consequences of attributing coworker behavior to envy. Academy of Management Review, 44: 424-449.
  • Gamache, D.L, McNamara, G.M., Mannor, M.J., & Johnson, R.E.2015. Motivated to acquire? The impact of CEO regulatory focus on firm acquisitions.. Academy of Management Journal , 58:1261-1282.
  • Seo, J., Gamache, D.L., Devers, C.E., & Carpenter, M.A. 2015. The role of CEO relative standing in acquisition behavior and CEO pay. Strategic Management Journal, 36:1877-1894.
  • Connelly, B.L., Haynes, K.T, Tihanyi, L, Gamache, D.L., & Devers, C.E. 2016. Minding the gap: Antecedents and consequences of top management-to-worker pay dispersion. . Journal Of Management, 42:862-885.

Editorial Appointments

  • Editoral Review Board, Academy of Management Reveiw, 2017–present
  • Editorial Review Board, Academy of Management Journal, 2019–present
  • Editorial Review Board, Strategic Management Journal, 2020–present
  • Editorial Board, Administrative Science Quarterly, 2021–present


Representative-At-Large for the Strategic Leadership & Governance Interest Group – Strategy Management Society – 2021-2022.

Track Co-Chair, Strategic Management Society Special Conference – Las Vegas, March 2019.

Representative-At-Large and Engagement Officer for Behavioral Strategy Interest Group – Strategy Management Society – 2017-2018.