Attorney Shay Lawson speaks with Music Business Program Director David Barbee in the Terry music production classroom.

Goodbye to gatekeepers

When young artists come to Shay Lawson to discuss their future in the music business, she has one message: Just say no to record contracts.

Brandon Mintz's family and the staff of Bitcoin Depot celebrate after ringing the bell at the NASDAQ.

Bitcoin Depot’s NASDAQ debut was a decade in the making

Ten years ago, Brandon Mintz (BBA ’16) and his friends were sweating in his student apartment before heading out for a Friday night in downtown Athens. The air conditioner worked, but the improvised system of dozens of graphics cards and other computer components mining bitcoin in the spare room kept the apartment at 80 degrees […]

Ling Xue joins Terry College as Alumni Board Distinguished Professor

As managers integrate these tools into everyday office life, researchers at the University of Georgia are expanding their groundbreaking research into the impact of this fourth industrial revolution to understand AI’s promise and peril of artificial intelligence.

Port of Savannah

Leading the way in logistics

In the whirlwind of the supply chain, there is no standing still. To keep from being swept up, there must be constant movement by logistics caretakers: the operations bosses, the technology builders, the data miners, the finance experts and, of course, the higher-education scholars who prime the pump with talent.

Illustration of angry coworkers reacting poorly to the arrival of a robot to an office birthday party

Are robots wrecking the workplace?

Whether it’s a machine learning system boosting SEO, an algorithm sorting résumés or a chatbot handling customer service, artificial intelligence already plays a role in today’s offices.