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The Fall 2015 session of the Terry Core Challenge will begin August 24.

Past Answers

Week 1 Aug 24–Aug 26

True or False?
Net income is the excess of expenses over revenues, whereas net loss is the excess of revenues over expenses.

  • True
  • False
Week 2 Aug 31–Sep 2

D'Anconia Dredging evaluates its projects very carefully. Francisco D'Anconia has estimated the following cash flows associated with a potential project

Cash Flow–100,00020,00030,00075,000

What is the IRR of this project?

  • 9.69%
  • 10.66%
  • 11.12%
  • 12.37%
  • 14.92%
Week 3 Sep 7–Sep 9

Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 prohibits an employer from discriminating against employees based on:

  • veteran status.
  • national origin.
  • sexual orientation.
  • socioeconomic status.
  • All of the above.
Week 4 Sep 14–Sep 16

A benefit of forming a company as an LLC is:

  • There is always one shareholder.
  • You can issue shares traded on the NYSE.
  • It limits personal liability for company issues.
  • You can procure government contracts more easily than a c-corporation company.
Week 5 Sep 21–Sep 23

_________ models how a specific group will use a system for a given task by listing the process steps and alternatives.

  • A “use case”
  • A “data model”
  • “User generated content”
  • A “work breakdown structure”
Week 6 Sep 28–Sep 30

If the price level rises, the quantity of _____ money demanded ______.

  • real; decreases
  • real; increases
  • nominal; decreases
  • nominal; increases
Week 7 Oct 5–Oct 7

Patents on allergy relief medications like Allegra and Claritin give the pharmaceutical companies that own the patents a(n) _____ for 17 years until the patent expires.

  • strategic focus
  • situational strength
  • opportunistic privilege
  • targeted market position
  • sustainable competitive advantage
Week 8 Oct 12–Oct 14

The focus of management accounting is on __________

  • auditing.
  • tax preparation.
  • internal reporting.
  • external reporting.
Week 9 Oct 19–Oct 21

An investment is made of $1,000 this morning. The investment will earn 9% APR with annual compounding over the next three years. What is the value of the account at the end of the third year?

  • $1,295.00
  • $1,367.63
  • $1,411.58
  • $1,518.07
  • $1,605.23
Week 10 Nov 2–Nov 4

The form of international market entry that is the most risky and which requires the highest level of commitment in terms of resources and people is:

  • exporting
  • contract manufacturing
  • direct investment
  • licensing
Week 11 Nov 9–Nov 11

In order to maximize one's gain from an activity, one should undertake that activity up to the level at which marginal benefit:

  • equals zero.
  • equals marginal cost.
  • is less than marginal cost by as much as possible.
  • is greater than marginal cost by as much as possible.
Week 12 Nov 16–Nov 18

True or False?
Product costs and period costs receive similar treatment when presented in the financial statements.

  • True
  • False

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