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Past Answers

Week 1 Feb 5–Feb 7

Unearned revenue is classified as:

  • a. an asset account
  • b. a revenue account
  • c. a contra-revenue account
  • d. a liability
Week 2 Jan 23–Jan 25

Dagny Taggart is buying a new house for $124,728. The loan officer at Mouch Mortgages quotes her a rate of 11.4% APR with monthly compounding for 15 years. What will Dagny’s monthly payment be?

  • $692.93
  • $1,449.14
  • $1,994.41
  • $2,101.74
  • $17,729.99
Week 3 Jan 30–Feb 1

True or False?
Under employment-at-will, an employee may be fired just because the boss doesn’t like him personally.

  • True
  • False
Week 4 Feb 6–Feb 8

___________ is a term used to describe when a company starts operations from scratch in a new country in order to control aspects of its operations like brand quality and service.

  • Importation
  • Greenfield ventures
  • Cross-border acquisitions
  • Wholly-owned subsidiary
Week 5 Feb 13–Feb 15

Which of the following would be considered an IT project according to the Project Management Institute’s definition of a project?

  • Creation of a new Game Day mobile application
  • Creation and e-distribution of the standard monthly sales report
  • Day to day reconciliation of all online transactions
  • Posting of students’ grades using eLC
Week 6 Feb 20–Feb 22

The estimated income elasticity of demand for airline travel is 1.9. Therefore, if income increases by 2 percent, consumption of airline travel would increase by about:

  • 0.4 percent
  • 0.95 percent
  • 3.8 percent
  • 10 percent
Week 7 Feb 27–Mar 1

The element of the promotional mix that involves no direct payment to media and which is the most credible in the minds of consumers is:

  • advertising
  • personal selling
  • sales promotion
  • publicity/public relations
Week 8 Mar 13–Mar 15

A firm incurs only fixed and variable costs in its operations. If production is expected to increase within the relevant range of operations, which of the following statements is true with respect to manufacturing costs?

  • Total fixed costs will decrease.
  • Total variable costs will decrease.
  • The fixed cost per unit will not change.
  • The variable cost per unit will not change.
Week 9 Mar 20–Mar 22

Who of the following people is counted as unemployed?

  • a retired chemist
  • a full-time student at a vocational school
  • a student who just graduated from college and is currently looking for a job
  • a parent of 2 young children who is caring for them at home for a few years
  • All of these people are counted as unemployed.
Week 10 Mar 27–Mar 29

To avoid a finding of negligence, businesses must warn customers visiting their store/office about _____ dangers.

  • all known
  • all foreseeable
  • any potential
  • any significant
Week 11 Apr 3–Apr 5

A salesman just sold your grandmother the following deal: She will pay the salesman $200,000 today in exchange for a thirty year annuity of $10,000 per year. Assuming end of year payments, what return is the salesman offering?

  • 0.93%
  • 1.22%
  • 1.80%
  • 2.84%
  • 2.99%
Week 12 Apr 10–Apr 12

Operation of a business under a license from a distinct parent company is called _______.

  • a merger
  • a transfer
  • a franchise
  • an acquisition

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