One reason you chose Terry was to connect with prominent alumni and to discover remarkable career opportunities. To prepare for those opportunities, make the most of our resources while following these policies.

Advising for Lifelong Career Success

Make an appointment with the MBA Career Management Center for support in all aspects of your career development. We help you form a long-term career vision, craft your résumé, prepare for interviews, and that’s only the beginning. 

Don’t Miss Our Course

We make the basics of career planning and job searching a required course in the Full-Time MBA program.

Upcoming Events

Reach Out to Alumni

During your career advising appointments, we can guide you in choosing the right connections for your stage in the job search.

Check Job Postings + Post Your Résumé

We recommend utilizing these two online recruitment resources.


Search jobs, post your résumé, find upcoming recruiting events, and schedule advising appointments.

MBA Focus

Search for job opportunities, post your résumé to be found by leading MBA employers, and more.

Full-Time MBA

Professional and Executive MBA

Follow These Policies

Potential employers expect only the best from you. When you become a UGA MBA student, you agree to these policies as part of the Code of Professional Conduct.

  • Interviews may be canceled up to two full business days in advance and only with permission from the MBA Career Management Center.
  • Address job offers directly with the person in the hiring company with whom you have the strongest relationship.
    • If you refuse a job offer, do so by phone or in person, not by email.
    • Accepted job offers may not be overturned, and verbal acceptances are binding.
  • Once you accept a job offer, you must stop interviewing and withdraw your candidacy for other positions.
  • Throughout your negotiations, keep our staff fully informed so we can ensure a smooth process for you and the employer.

You may remediate an initial policy violation by addressing a letter of apology to the appropriate party and submitting the letter to the MBA Career Management Center for delivery. A second violation renders you ineligible to participate in recruiting activities for the remainder of the academic year or for up to five years as an alumnus.