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This is 2nd level heading

This is a paragraph before a definition list (dl). In principle, such a list should consist of terms and associated definitions. But many authors use dl elements for fancy "layout" things. Usually the effect is not too bad, if you design user style sheet rules for dlwhich are suitable for real definition lists.

see recursion
recursion, indirect
see indirect recursion
indirect recursion
see recursion, indirect
a word or other expression taken into specific use in a well-defined meaning, which is often defined rather rigorously, even formally, and may differ quite a lot from an everyday meaning

Text-level markup

Some of the elements tested above are typically displayed in a monospace font, often using the same presentation for all of them. This tests whether that is the case on your browser:

This is a text paragraph that contains some inline links. Generally, inline links (as opposite to e.g. links lists) are problematic from the usability perspective, but they may have use as “incidental”, less relevant links. See the document Links Want To Be Links.

Character test

The following table has some sample characters with annotations. If the browser’s default font does not contain all of them, they may get displayed using backup fonts. This may cause stylistic differences, but it should not prevent the characters from being displayed at all.

Char. Explanation Notes
ê e with circumflex Latin 1 character, should be ok
em dash Windows Latin 1 character, should be ok, too
Ā A with macron (line above) Latin Extended-A character, not present in all fonts
Ω capital omega A Greek letter
minus sign Unicode minus
diameter sign relatively rare in fonts