Research software and services can be obtained in one of three ways:

  1. Site/Network licensed tools are available to Terry College faculty, staff, and sponsored students. Network licensed tools are shared across departments. (For UGA site licensed software, such as JMP, go to
  2. The Terry Research Server (also known as "") offers command line access to several tools.
  3. Individual licenses should be purchased via your academic department.
Software Site/Network License Terry Research Server Individual License
Mathematica: Computational software Request Installation (Mathematica) N/A N/A
MATLAB: Numerical computing environment Request Installation (MATLAB) N/A N/A
Mplus N/A N/A Purchase via Mplus website (student discount available)
Qualtrics: Survey development, distribution, and administration Request Access (Qualtrics) N/A N/A
RATS: Regression Analysis of Time Series N/A Request Access (RATS) Purchase via Estima RATS website
(student discounts available)
SAS: Statistical Analysis System Request Installation for Faculty/Staff/PhD
Request Access (SAS) Student Purchase (Non-PhD)
SPSS**: Statistical Package for the Social Sciences Request Installation for Faculty/Staff/PhD (SPSS) N/A Student Purchase (Non-PhD)
Stata**: Statistical package Request Installation (Stata) Request Access (Stata) N/A
Programming Languages & Utilities: N/A Request Access (Tools) N/A

Note: SAS, SPSS, and Stata licenses may only be installed on UGA-owned machines, as per vendor licensing restrictions.