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All Terry Research

Complex networks Data analytics IT strategy Technological innovation Embedded economy Competitive dynamics
Applied Econometrics Industrial Organization Environmental Economics Bootstrap Estimation Efficient Multi-Pollutant Regulation Efficiency and productivity growth Interaction of Multiple child health indicators Market power estimation
Empirical Research in Tax and Financial Accounting
Marketing Metrics Accounting and Marketing Marketing Accountability Political Marketing
Marketing Strategy, Performance and Metrics Customer Management Innovation Marketing-Finance Interface Branding and Brand Management & Strategy

My research focuses on the role played by information systems and technologies to support environmental and social sustainability. I am also interested in organizational change at large, with a special emphasis on how personal or group identity is affected by workplace digitization.

Energy informatics / Green IS Organizational Change…
Econometric methodology Health economic policy Reproductive health policy Role of time preferences in decision making Behavioral economics Impact of information on pharmaceutical markets
Econometrics Applied Econometrics Health and Early Childhood