• Terry Leadership Speaker Series

    The Terry Leadership Speaker Series presented by the Institute for Leadership Advancement brings well-known leaders from a variety of organizations to the Terry College of Business and the University of Georgia. In these student-oriented forums, leaders are asked to discuss their unique leadership styles and experiences.

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  • Terry Sound Business

    Terry Sound Business is the podcast business journal from the Terry College of Business at The University of Georgia offering a unique insight from business leaders on topics ranging from accounting and finance to leadership and management. Terry Sound Business highlights the experience and know-how of the Terry College while promoting better, more informed decisions for today's businesses. From student discussions and faculty research to interviews and lectures from today's business leaders, discover why Terry's knowledge is Sound Business.

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  • Terry Student Podcast

    The mission of the Terry Student Podcast is to create valuable business-minded conversations, highlight the Terry College of Business's student organizations and celebrate the remarkable accomplishments of students, professors and faculty.

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  • Terry Third Thursday

    Terry Third Thursday is a breakfast speaker series for the Atlanta business community. This series features influential speakers, as well as special guests from the University of Georgia, who bring local and global perspectives on business and innovation.

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