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PhD Programs

Terry College of Business - University of Georgia

PhD Program Structure

The PhD program follows this general format:

  • Coursework (30 hours/ 48 hours)
    Candidates with a masters degree will need to take 30 hours and those with only a bachelors will need to take 48 hours. There is no foreign language requirement.
  • Comprehensive written and oral examinations
    The written exam tends to focus on the student’s knowledge of the major field and research methods. The oral examination assesses the integration of the technical competencies in the foundation, the major and minor fields, and the research methodology.
  • Dissertation (10+ hours)
    The PhD Dissertation Committee works with the student on all aspects of the dissertation study.

Specific coursework requirements vary according to area of study.

Timeline + Expectations

Typically the PhD program takes 4–5 years to complete, with the first two years dedicated to coursework and subsequent years devoted to examinations, dissertation development and defense, and job interviewing.

Regular presence on campus is necessary for interaction with faculty, fellow students, and visiting scholars. PhD students are expected to attend and actively participate in workshops and seminars.