• Rob Hoyt

    Catastrophe Securitization: A Value-added Proposition


    Catastrophe securitization is a viable alternative to insurance because it helps spread risk, saves companies from potential financial ruin, and even provides corporations and qualified investors a low risk security with a favorable return on their investment — a winning proposition for all.

  • Elena Karahanna

    Virtual House Calls: Advancements in Telemedicine


    MIS professor Elena Karahanna's initial interest in telemedicine stemmed from an NBC News report about doctor consultations via webcam. Her idea earned her a Terry-Sanford Research Award, and the resulting paper was accepted for publication.

  • Carolyn Dehring

    Land Conservation


    Does land conservation have measurable benefits capitalized into the land market? Professor Carolyn Dehring is researching the answer as part of a National Science Foundation-funded program.

  • Michael Eriksen

    Are Homeowners Better Citizens?


    The U.S. government spends $30 billion annually to encourage homeownership, but Eriksen's study challenges the widely accepted notion that homeownership creates good neighbors.

  • Chris Hanks

    UGA STARTUP: Terry’s Entrepreneurship Program


    UGA STARTUPs is a monthly event at the Terry Executive Education Center and we put together panels of experts from contacts I have in the venture capital community. It’s informal and highly discussion oriented with the goal of giving them tools and resources they need to actually launch their business without an ulterior motive to sell products and services.

  • Business Academy

    Terry Business Academy


    The Terry Business Academy is a highly selective, pre-collegiate program for high school students who demonstrate a strong interest in business and entrepreneurship. In its inaugural year, TBA attracted more than 20 Georgia high school students to campus this spring for an up–close–and–personal look at what the Terry College has to offer prospective business school majors.

  • Top Entrepreneur

    America’s Next Top Entrepreneur


    UGA students from all over campus, 114 in all, came to the Student Learning Center last November for a chance to be a part of "American Idol" — Terry style. The occasion was the inaugural event of UGA’s Next Top Entrepreneur, a campus–wide competition that is the brainchild of Terry entrepreneurship program director Chris Hanks (BBA ’90), who says students quickly learned how much skill and stamina is required to transform creative ideas into a successful marketplace product.

  • Boys and Girls Club

    From overtime to overdubs


    UGA professors and local record producers designed an $85,000 recording studio for a local Boys & Girls Club, and the Music Business Certificate Program is dispatching its students to show the youngsters the ropes.

  • David Mustard

    David Mustard


    Mustard, whose research has influenced government policy, was inspired to become an economist after taking an undergraduate course on the economics of slavery.

  • Jeff Netter and Annette Poulsen

    Jeff Netter and Annette Poulsen


    As co-managing editors of the Journal of Corporate Finance and spouses of 22 years, professors Annette Poulsen and Jeff Netter have married their skill sets, their high professional standards, and their refreshing lack of pretense, to make JCF one of the pre-eminent academic journals in its field.