David Barbe
David Barbe

Music Business Program Director, producer and musician David Barbe talked to The Red & Black about how marketing is changing in his industry. 

“The fact that it is so easy to release music via the Internet now makes it an extremely crowded field,” said Barbe “Artists feel the need to be creative with their release strategies in order to stand out.”

From giving out free tracks and albums to pay-what-you-want downloads, artists across the industry are trying new and different ways to hook consumers on their hits. While it can work for consumer, it's not always good for musicians, Barbe said.

“Personally, I am not a fan of free,” he said. “I think that when the biggest stars do it, it makes it even harder for independent artists to make a living off their music.”

He added: “As far as pushing a new record, Beyonce’s worked better, keeping her current. But U2’s increase of their back catalog has an immediate financial impact, and it also put a 30-year-old rock band at the forefront of the music conversation.”

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