Nathaniel Grow
Nathaniel Grow

Professional sporting events come with an inherent risk of injuries. That’s true for the players as well as the fans.

In an article questioning fan safety in new stadiums being built for the Braves and Falcons, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution talked to Terry legal studies professor Nathaniel Grow.

Grow said that courts have not held baseball teams liable for injuries to fans hit by balls or bats since at least 1913, under what is known as the “Baseball Rule.”

“Teams currently have little financial motivation to take greater precautions to avoid fan injuries, as they are not legally responsible for any injuries that do occur,” he said. “But they could potentially see the demand for some of their most expensive seats decline should they install an additional barrier between fans and the field.

“Until courts begin to consistently hold teams liable for fan injuries, MLB is unlikely to require that additional netting be installed in its parks.”

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