From quaint, little cottages to The Standard’s six-story, 610-bed complex, Wes Rogers’ (BBA ’99, MBA ’04) right-time, right-place initiatives are revolutionizing off-campus student housing in Athens

Wes Rogers
Rogers ironed out the nuts and bolts of his real estate company while getting his MBA at Terry. Landmark has built more student housing than anyone else in the U.S. in two of the last three years.

Wes Rogers is at the wheel of his black Mercedes S550, taking a writer on a tour of his career. Besides his voice, the only sound registering over the Benz’s subtle purr is Rogers’ constantly vibrating phone — the stereo’s volume is muted, and his iPod is paused, so the Doors’ “L.A. Woman” is displayed but inaudible. The tour rolls past suburban infill houses, some so big, new-looking and impressively detailed that passersby must mistake them for models — the owners have placed small “Private Residence” signs in the front yard. But most of Rogers’ brick-and-mortar resume consists of little communities — some cottages, and some apartment, town home, and loft complexes — built for students to live in.

Rogers’ right-time, right-place business niche seems almost prescient in retrospect, but his company’s meteoric growth has surpassed even his expectations.

“I did not think we’d be as large as we are today,” Rogers (BBA ’99, MBA ’04) admits. “According to our trade publication, we’ve built more student housing than anybody in the country in two of the last three years.”

Rogers’ Landmark Properties has $400 million under construction now; that figure is projected to grow to $1.2 billion by 2016. Vertically integrated, Landmark serves as developer, investor, general contractor and leasing agent. “We do it all, soup to nuts,” says Rogers.

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