Tim Staples
Piyush Kumar

When McDonald's new slogan, "Lovin' Beats Hatin'," met with a bad reaction from consumers, CBS News called on Terry marketing professor Piyush Kumar to help explain the art of slogan writing. 

Kumar has done research into the effectiveness of slogans, which was published the Journal of Business Research.  

CBS wrote: "Some consumers "will be completely thrown off by the dramatic transition from the warm and fuzzy 'I'm lovin' it,' to the negative emotion-laden 'Lovin' Beats Hatin'," Piyush Kumar, assistant professor at University of Georgia's Terry College of Business wrote to CBS MoneyWatch in an email. Kumar is an author on the slogan study published by the Journal of Business Research.

So far, "Lovin' Beats Hatin'" doesn't appear to be winning on either clarity of message or likability. Interestingly, the Journal of Business Research study found that McDonald's "I'm Lovin' It" slogan is among those that consumers find most memorable.

The full article is available free online.