John Turner
John Turner

A multimedia story by Vox titled, “Everything You Need to Know About Patents” cited research by Terry economics professor John Turner.

In answering the question, “How big of a problem is patent litigation?” Vox noted:

"In one study, four scholars estimated the costs of patent infringement by looking at how the announcement of patent infringement lawsuits affected the stock prices of defendant firms whose stock was publicly traded. They found these costs rose from $3.6 billion in 1984 to $61 billion in 2009.

"Another study with the same lead author focused only on litigation brought by patent trolls. It used a more conservative methodology, surveying publicly-traded companies about the direct costs (such as legal fees and expenses, but not intangible costs like CEO distraction and delayed product launches) they faced due to litigation. The researchers found that patent trolls imposed $29 billion in direct litigation costs on publicly traded defendant companies in 2011."

Turner, who worked on the patent research along with James Bessen, Peter Neuhausler and Jonathan Williams, recently penned an editorial about patent trolls in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.  

The full story is available online.