Dick Ferguson (BBA '62) runs an iconic Athens men's store that taught his three sons—plus hundreds of student employees over the years—the facts of business life. Given all they've achieved in their own careers, you might say the Ferguson boys were dressed for success

Dick Ferguson and sons in front of their Athens store
The Fergusons pack a lot of business know-how into one family (L-R): Ed (BBA '93), managing director, Raymond James; Dick III (BBA '86), divisional director, Raymond James; Dick II (BBA '62), owner, Dick Ferguson's Clothing Store; John (BBA '87), regional president, CBRE.

You’ll find two kinds of business school in Athens. First and foremost, there’s the Terry College of Business, which draws students from all over the world, molds them into future accountants and financiers and bankers, and sends them out in new suits and shiny shoes to apply their classroom lessons to the real world.

The other business school is the real world. And over the years, since it opened its doors in 1934, there’s been no better place in the city of Athens for students to learn real world business lessons than the venerable institution that boasts racks of fine suits where a professor’s lectern would stand, and stacks of golf shirts where students would be feverishly taking notes.

Dick Ferguson’s Clothing Store, launched 80 years ago by the father of 73-year-old current owner Dick Ferguson II (BBA ’62), is one of those iconic retail establishments, which, over the years, has also functioned as a nexus for communication and social interaction — a male version, if you will, of Truvy's Beauty Parlor in Steel Magnolias. Politics. Football. Wingtips vs. tassel loafers. You hear it all at Ferguson’s, which for 61 years, until 1995, hung its shingle over Clayton Street, and held a place as an essential part of the fabric of downtown Athens. Today, Ferguson’s is one of the anchor stores in the Beechwood Promenade on Athens’ west side.

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