Chris Taylor
Chris Taylor

Chris Taylor, art director in Terry's Office of Marketing and Communications, was profiled in the Athens Banner-Herald for his unique take on "land art."

Land Art challenges artists to use only natural materials available in the environment around them, Taylor told the newspaper. It was a task he was drawn to in light of his childhood days playing along riverbanks and creating structures out of sticks, rocks and other raw materials.

“We lived in the middle of nowhere and there wasn’t a lot to do, but there was a mountain and a creek and wide open spaces. I naturally played with whatever was around me,” Taylor said.

Taylor began experimenting with land art two years ago after watching the documentary “Rivers and Tides,” a film featuring land artist Andy Goldsworthy who creates sculptures from elements found in nature. The documentary not only sparked nostalgic memories from Taylor’s childhood, it legitimized his view of nature as an art form and the way he viewed the world, he said.

In the beginning, Taylor made simple pieces in his backyard. Now, he looks for land art opportunities everywhere he goes from walking trails at Bear Hollow Zoo and Sandy Creek Nature Center to the area outside of his office at UGA and while on vacation at Lake Herrick and the beach.

The full story, complete with picture of Taylor's work, is available online.