Sundar Bharadwaj

Sundar Bharadwaj

The Athens Banner-Herald reports on a renewed push from craft breweries to change Georgia laws that prohibit them from selling packaged beer directly to consumers.

The current law was set up to protect smaller brands by keeping brewers, wholesalers, retailers separate. But, as Sundar Bharadwaj, the Coca-Cola Company Chair of Marketing at Terry, points out,  many industries experience tension along the distribution channels. 

He referenced to companies like Amazon, Tesla, Uber and even McDonald’s when it began, as examples of upstarts whose novel approaches to distribution disrupted their industries.

“This channel conflict has always been there,” he said.

Distribution channels only crumble if there is no value added by each link in the chain, Bharadwaj said. But since all consumers are not alike, there are opportunities for each tier to cater to the needs of at least some customers, such as the convenience of a retailer, the merchandising and logistics economies of scale from the wholesaler and, of course, the product from the brewer.

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